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Young and handsome too

He inflames my desire

Hailing from Green Isle


Yet also there is

Sweet and charming smitten Turk

Who wants me as well


Time will help decide

As well as traveling to

Homes where I’m welcome


❤ Me


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Please pray for my brother who

Really hurt himself in

A fall that fractured his jaw in three places.

Your thoughts of positivity and hope matter.

He has been in the hospital since yesterday morning and will be transferred to a larger one today. The oral surgeon admitted he had never dealt with a trauma such as this in the operating room, and he wants him to have the best care and recovery as possible. I believe he will need facial reconstruction.

My brother has been through so much at only 20 years old. He is suffering from kidney failure and goes to dialysis three times a week to have his blood cleaned with the help of a machine. There is hope and good news that my aunt may possibly be able to donate one of her kidneys to help give him a new chance. I pray and ask for yours as well that hers may successfully work.

He is such a strong person with aspiring dreams to be a musician. I know he will get there someday!

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery.

❤ Me

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Flirting with Fire

She hears the familiar

News flash


Checking her phone

She sees it’s from him


What is he doing?


He’s fun

And flirty

And cute




What about his girl?


She isn’t doing anything wrong

By talking


Hopefully he won’t try

To cozy up closer

To her

While moving away

From his




She’s flirting with fire


Let’s see where this goes


❤ Me

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Our First Kiss

I want to visit
And see the stars in your eyes
As we share a kiss…


❤ Me

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Go Away

First of all
Under no
Circumstances will you be able to
Know how I’ve been feeling this past year.

You think you can just try an intimidation tactic like that?
Oh, I forgot how concerned with your reputation you are. Back off
Until you disappear from my life again, please…



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