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Garden of Flowers

Wandering along a path in a bustling forest
I hear birds chirping to one another in greeting
And squirrels chattering from tree to tree
A lone badger snuffles about the bushes looking for fallen nuts
Life is social, harmonious
Turning to the right
My feet sense a change in the earth,
An array of scents fills the air
That intrigues me with my nose
And my eyes as I take in the colourful sight
Of a garden split down the middle by a dirt path
As I approach, I feel emotions
Exuding from the petals of the flowers and plants
A story
From which rises their division
On one side, there grows a bush of blackthorn sloe
Right at the edge of the dividing path
Swollen blue berries puffed up
Twisting branches creating difficulty in seeing beyond
Stubborn and uncooperative
Buttercup entwining around the roots
Small and childish
Full of naïvety and empty of maturity
As the shoots remain small and refuse to grow taller
Candytuft grows in puffs of pink and white
Off in her own corner
Indifferent to all else but herself
Never concerning with the other plants
Content in her uncaring lack of interest
On the opposite corner, yellow carnations
Blossom in disdain
Rejecting the others
Finding faults in all who are different
In their ideas and habits
Hydrangeas flourish in their blue bunches
Frozen in their demeanor
Growing in sheer vanity
Lost in their own beauty and self-righteousness
Close by, the narcissus
Her white petals spread wide
Cradling the golden center
As if she is God’s gorgeous gift to all life
Fascinated in her own blooms
Refusing to love anyone but herself
In an erotic obsession
A mock orange bloom delights in deception
Creating illusions and pretending
To be what he is not
When you trust him and move in for a closer look
He wilts away from you
And the Snapdragon with her vibrant warm colours
In red, yellow, and orange
Bulbs also cupped in deceit
Ready to presume and judge
Condemning all other ways of life
Loyal only to her own kind
On both sides grow two chestnut trees
Independent and off alone
Growing in opposite directions
Bending and shaping away from each other
Both feel wronged by the other
Thickening their trunks in thoughts of injustice
Turning to the other side of the split garden I see
Purple anemones huddled slightly away from the others
Saddened by feeling alone and abandoned
Forsaken by the companions she once knew
With the zinnia and her red blossoms
Remembering those who had left
And the times of happiness once shared
Yet there are a band of flowers that grow together
Artemesia, light green and nearly white
Standing steadfast and dignified
Refusing to relinquish her standards of morality
And courteous manners
With the cloves and their bulbs
That know when to restrain themselves from lashing out
Holding back, affirming their decorum and self-respect
Sheltered among the others resides the hibiscus
A vivid and brilliant beauty
But very delicate and fragile to the words and actions
Of others against her
Nearby sweet alyssum
Purple and white that despite attractiveness
Shows worth that beauty could never compare to
In her intelligence and well-meaning
Fennel, in yellow star-like blooms
Shows a quiet strength
That endures through this division
With the reassuring support from a cactus
Hardened from past wrongs
And remaining brave and steadfast
Throughout her life
Still the dirt path separates and divides
And the cyclamen
In her outstretched and cupped petals
Gives one last plea to the other side
Before resigning to the fact that times have changed
Never to return to how they were
The moments have been left behind
In the abyss of the past
Only leaving the path forward to the future
I nearly finish my walk through the path
Heavy with their emotions and accounts
They share with me
When I look down
And see growing
In the middle of the dark brown path
Gold and blossoming
Ripening with healing tenderness
I gently pluck a tiny shoot
And bring it softly to my nose
Before resting it delicately against my chest
Comforted that all will be well in time
And I continue
Returning to the forest once more
On my way home.

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It is Time to Say Goodbye

It is time to say goodbye
These years had their moments
Good and bad
Happy and sad
Joyful and depressing
With laughter and tears
Conversational and silent
You said you knew me
You understood me
You loved me
In the end
That is not how it was
Maybe it
Maybe it was
Maybe it was true
Maybe it was real
Maybe it was
Maybe it
Something tells me that
It was an illusion
A dream that we experienced
And lived in
Swimming in the sea of dreams
When I was underwater
A few years ago
I noticed something blurry above me
I could not see what it was
But it brought about a longing
Within me
To discover what lies just beyond the surface
So I slowly and blearily started floating
And you were still suspended above the sea bed
I began to hear strange muffled sounds
And my desire to find out what
This mysterious shape above me was
I felt something grab me and pull me upward
I broke the surface of the sea
And gasped as air filled my lungs
Breathing in a completely new world
That I used to know but had forgotten
I delight in this new way of seeing
For it is what is real
What I can touch
Not something I simply imagine
Now I look back down into the waters
And see you still lying below
Eyes closed to the sun
I know now that you are still asleep
And you have always been
Even when we met
I have always been with you
But it is not my responsibility to wake you up
Now I live in the sunlight
With fresh cool air upon my face
That I can breathe
In the arms of my beloved
That I can feel
With every fiber of my being
I wish you well
Despite all
It is time to say goodbye.

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