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A siren reclines on on a wave-battered rock
In the middle of the ocean

Trailing her fingertips through the restless waters
Torrid like her heart
Threatening an oncoming storm

She gazes at her reflection
Large, luminous eyes
Full, shapely lips
Flowing dark hair
What every man would desire

Her voice
A sweet melodic symphony
That would steal the heart of any who listen
Capturing their souls
Hopeless to escape

All those men
All those hearts
All those disappointments
Have left her heart a hardened fortress
Nigh impossible to penetrate

A siren reclines on on a wave-battered rock
In the middle of the ocean


❤ Me

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Can’t Be Tamed

My spirit
Like my heart
Can’t be tamed
No matter how hard you may want to try

Times like these make me want to give up
For every time that I may slowly start
To open my heart for someone
Something happens that dashes my hopes to the ground
Shattering my expectations into a thousand pieces

This is what makes me want to rip my heart out
Hide it away
Lock it up in a chest
Tossing it into the sea
And burying the key

I won’t stop seeing men
Not for you
I won’t wait anymore

If you prove you’re worth it
Maybe I’ll consider you again
But for now I’m living in disappointment



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The Madam

Don’t worry about

The madam of a harem.

She knows what she wants.


Her men flock to her

Like bees to a fragrant rose,

Wishing to win her.


One day she will have

To make a choice of a mate,

Or her heart will fade.



❤ Me

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Young and handsome too

He inflames my desire

Hailing from Green Isle


Yet also there is

Sweet and charming smitten Turk

Who wants me as well


Time will help decide

As well as traveling to

Homes where I’m welcome


❤ Me


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