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End of Final First Week

Here I am on Sunday morning. Today I was up bright and early to attend 8:15 Mass.

This weekend hasn’t been a sleeping in kind of weekend, unfortunately. But I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise because I’m getting a lot more accomplished with my homework. I still have a lot more work to do: reading for Psychology and typing up notes, College Algebra equations, catching up on my 20th Century Music readings, and familiarizing my self with a set of Russian songs for Art Song. Not to mention a much overdue French essay on Baudelaire’s portrayal of the female body as seen in his works, « À celle qui est trop gaie, » « Les Bijoux, » and « Les Métamorphoses du Vampire. » I am missing the French word, and it makes me a little forlorn that I’m unable to take a French course this semester. But I’m not sorry that I’m not taking the class offered, “French Existentialism.” Not really my interest… However, I did bring all seven of my Harry Potter books in French! That should be fun to re-read! 🙂

My first (and final!) week back at University has been so busy and exhausting! I think it’s going to be a great semester, class-wise! There isn’t a course I’m not fond of! And I’m a Senior! Hard to believe! I think I’m too young to graduate… My Opera Studio audition went extremely well! I found out I made it (big surprise), and now the heat is on as I wait for the casting results! Wish me luck on getting a good role! 😀

My roommate A is awesome! I think we have great compatibility and will have many fun times! My living situation is much better than my past three years here.

I got a new pair of glasses yesterday! They have black frames and look quite sexy, if I do say for myself. 😉

It’s time for me to get to some homework now. It’ll be an intense session!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

❤ Me

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Moving In Begins

Today was Day One of my moving back to university. It’s so surreal that it’s my senior and final year! This was definitely the most laid-back and low-key moves I’ve done. It really helps that I’m on the first floor of my apartment building too, for carrying purposes. My mom and brother did most of the lifting while I got my key. Unfortunately, my arm has decided to flare up painfully despite the pain meds, so I took it easy. But of course I’m unpacking and organizing everything!

It turns out that I may very well have had an allergic reaction to the Oxycodone I took yesterday. I found out that part of its ingredients is Tylenol which in the past has given me a violent reaction that landed me in the hospital because of spiked liver enzymes. A nurse I talked to at dinner said that someone probably didn’t believe that it was an allergy and gave it to me anyway. That is wrong and potentially dangerous! I had specifically noted to the doctors that I wasn’t to take anything with Tylenol in it. Well, I’ll be reporting it to my doctor on Monday, so they can make note that I shouldn’t be prescribed it in the future.

I went to church after moving in some of my belongings and went to Culver’s with my mom and a group of people who were going to see a production of Bye Bye Birdie. I felt sick after eating, and my arm was still throbbing painfully, so I thought it best for me to head home to take it easy and get some rest. Wouldn’t want to have to get up in the middle of the play and be sick!

So here I am, organizing books and movies and more to bring with me tomorrow in Day Two of Moving (also Final Day). I think I may take a break and settle down with a good book too. I just got Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly from the library today along with another. It was just released this month and is due in two weeks, so I better get reading on it. Usually I don’t have much time for reading in the school year, but I want to keep up my streak that I began again this summer. I won’t be pumping them out as quickly, but it’s still expanding my knowledge and vocabulary nonetheless. My goal is to read 50 books this year. I’ve already read 31, so I’m on a good roll. There may have been more read, but I can’t remember them.

I still need to get my College Algebra books from the bookstore. Hopefully it won’t be a problem. I’ll have to get them Monday right before my 11am class.

Have a great night, and good luck to all the college students moving in and getting ready for classes!

P.S. I hope Errol finds the rest of you fellow Pottermore Beta Testers! I know how crazy this is,making you waiting!

❤ Me

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Tears Us Apart

Here’s another poem I wrote; this time it’s from January 2008:

Tears Us Apart

A thousand-mile ocean tears us apart.

Each day, each moment we miss each other

By a quarter of twenty-for hours.

I reach, desperately attempting to grasp

Anything that will carry me to your shores.

But, by some miracle, if I reach the exotic

Foreign home you call your own,

Will the mirage melt away?

A wall of embarrassment, shame, hurt, disappointment

And sadness may crush me?

Dark clouds loom above my consciousness

Planting seeds of doubt.

Questions formed, the answers locked away

With only you in the possession of the keys

To reveal enlightenment:

Is this simply a dream?

Do tangible desires steal away your appetite?

Does the thought of my appearance shifting over time disappoint?

Can faith be deepened?

This heavy burden do you find impossible, improbable, and unbearable?

Your voice but a faint whisper in my mind.

Your embrace a dream I can barely envision.

Lying restless in my well of dreams.

Closed eyes open my thoughts to the possibilities

Of what should come to pass

Should you still care.


Bear in mind, this was me mooning over someone who doesn’t have a hold on me anymore. I am happily in love with the true love of my life right now. 🙂

❤ Me

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The Coffee Mug Incident

This was my status I posted to Facebook yesterday:

Instead of being productive and packing, I gashed open my forearm deep enough to cut through the epidermis and dermis. So I spent the day in the ER waiting to get stitches instead. J is an awesome brother for driving me and putting up with the 4-hour wait for it all to get done.
How did I cut open my arm, do you ask? On a coffee mug whose handle broke off as I was reaching for one to make tea with. Let the jokes about my perpetual clumsiness commence.

It certainly made for an interesting yet boring day! I had just eaten half of my breakfast and decided to make some tea to help me wake up before I did my biking. So as I was reaching for a mug in the cabinet, my mom’s “Looking Good at 40” mug fell, and somehow the handle broke off into a few pieces. One of them was particularly sharp and pointed. I felt a little sting, and upon looking down at my right forearm noticed a chunk of my skin cut open. It was pretty deep, and I thought to myself, “That looks strange; it’s beginning to gross me out.” It hadn’t started bleeding initially, and the sharp piece of the coffee mug didn’t have any blood on it. I showed it to my brother, a bit dazed. Then the profuse bleeding commenced. I ran over to the sink to let it drip in there as well as rinse it a little.

I’m really proud of my little brother. He took charge and remained calm, calling our mom and wrapping my arm in gauze to quell the bleeding. Then we drove to the hospital for stitches. I grabbed the other half of my peanut butter English Muffin breakfast and a water bottle to finish in the car.

Once we got there, it was a very long wait to first be seen, then answer questions, go into a room to wait for a doctor, and finally have the stitches put in. I watched Ghost Hunters to pass the time. When the doctor came in, she numbed my arm (thank goodness!) and sewed me up with 5 stitches. I had cut through my Epidermis (top) layer of skin and into the Dermis (second-highest level) layer. Eep! All in all, it could have been much worse. But it was still gross. I’m not a big fan of blood and seeing underneath my skin.

At least there were only five...

Today was not much better. I woke up at 4am in pain, so I staggered up to take some pain medication they prescribed for me. The rest of the day was spent being in a constant terrible headache. A cool thing that happened today was that I had an annual eye-exam and got a new pair of glasses and contacts! They look very chic, but you’ll have to wait to see pictures, as they’ll take several business days to become available. A not so cool thing involved me feeling nauseous and finally letting it all out… All the food I’d eaten today which was not much. You probably don’t want to hear more about that, so I will spare you the gruesome details.

I chilled with my mom and watched some more of LOST, Season One. It’s my fourth time watching it, but I still love it! We only have one more episode left in the season, and I thoroughly have my mom hooked.

Tomorrow will be a get-down-to-business day for me. I really need to pack! After all, I move in this Saturday! It’s so surreal that it’s my last year at University!

And now, dear friends, I am exhausted and still feeling terrible. I do believe it is bedtime for me. May watch a little more of Netflix beforehand.

Good night!

❤ Me

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At 1:32a.m., I finally received my Pottermore Welcome Email saying how I now had access to the site! And so of course I stayed up pretty late exploring until I just absolutely had to go to sleep out of sheer exhaustion and a headache! I don’t want to give spoilers that will frustrate the people still waiting to get in, but it’s truly amazing! I love it! For the true Harry Potter fans, it’s exquisite! The artwork and the exclusive notes from JK Rowling concerning never before released content on the world of Harry Potter are fantastic!

You answer questions made by Rowling herself and are matched with a particular wand! And it’s not just random; she posts information behind the types of wood, flexibility, and item from magical creature that make this particular wand special! It’s amazing how it fits your personality as well!

I was officially sorted into Hufflepuff House. Where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil. Back in the day, I was a die-hard Ravenclaw fan and was convinced I belonged there. But as time went on I just had a feeling that Hufflepuff was the right House for me. And after reading JK Rowling’s exclusive thoughts on what makes a Hufflepuff I can say I’m extremely proud and unashamed to be one!

And just so you people know, Hufflepuff is NOT just the place where everyone leftover goes and is NOT just a whole bunch of softies that aren’t cunning, ambitious, or brave enough! We are admirable!

There is just so much to explore! When I woke up this morning and tried to get on, there was a support message saying, “Sorry, Pottermore is currently unavailable. We are making routine updates to our website and we expect to be up and running again very soon. Please come back later and try again.” Of course this happens. They’re probably expanding the site for more users. Hopefully. I want to get back to it! I’m so glad I got access before classes began! That way I can get marathons out of my system. I will have to practice restraint when I go back to university so it doesn’t detract from my classwork and practicing!

And now for another poem written for me by A back in 2007:

Love So Alike

I know more about you, as you know

Of me, as we are one of the same.

You cannot laugh or lie, dance, or cry without

Me knowing for tonight you are mine again

What mockery can I make of your dreams?

I watch you, fast asleep. All your hopes

And fears are pressed to my chest,

Your sanctuary is my kingdom

You and I, in this new land.

And what’s left of me runs free in your cage,

A cage without touch or taste, or smell

Only feeling lies here, washed with memory

And for tonight, they are yours and mine alone.

You unveil for me a promise left hanging

Aloft in the now lonely skies. The babe

Lets down its guard to reach, naked,

To that fading vessel as it drifts heaven bound.

Left falling on vacant arms above

In the stricken skies; left vulnerable in a starless horizon.

I do believe in all these things you see,

I know, that you do not.

Can you not comprehend the essence of this tangible spectre?
Or is it just another vague ambition, cut short

And discarded as the first slice of bread is left to turn stale.

This love so alike, drawn from neither intent nor devotion, forceful nor free.

Made through bondage of our great two worlds.

Gleaming north, declining south

A flight of words soars west to that which could be,

And yet only I, can hear.

So I leave you, until the dusk breaking upon that foreign plain to me,

Waiting to embezzle on that which you bring me,

I and you alone.

~ A. M.

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