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Insomnia plagues

As her mind races without

Stopping for relief.



It’s at times like this when I really wish there was an “on/off” switch for my brain. My mind keeps dwelling on thoughts, ideas, and issues of all shapes and sizes and just won’t let me sleep.

If anyone would like to share their bedtime rituals that help them get a nice refreshing sleep, please feel free. I’m interested in some helpful ideas and suggestions.

❤ Me

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Birthday Boy

This is in honor of the birthday boy today. He just turned three!


Daring to confront all

Unknown sights, smells, and crumbs,

Keen to protect his home and family,

Every day is a new adventure.


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❤ Me

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At the Edge of a Cliff

(So sorry everyone for my disappearance! I had been extremely busy with finishing up school. In fact, just last week I graduated from college with my bachelor’s degree, bringing with it the end of an era! I’m going to do my best to get back to writing and post when I can. Thank you for your patience, and I hope I haven’t lost you!)


She stands at the edge of a cliff

Eyes closed

Breathing deeply

In and out

As she contemplates her next step


The road to this moment

Has been long and difficult

Years of both

Success and failure

Victory and defeat

Joy and pain

Love and hate


Memories from her past

Whisper in her ear

Caress her skin

Tugging gently at her dress

Filling her thoughts

Luring her to turn around


Many months have come and gone

Lives have moved on

Yet she wonders

If she should reach out

And make contact


It will never be as it once was

The past cannot be rewritten

Feelings wither and fade

The old is replaced with new


Over the cliff

Lies the ocean of her future

There will be calm waters

With stormy seas

Everything is a possibility

Nothing is certain


Frozen with uncertainty

She prepares to make the plunge


❤ Me

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