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Few Chosen

Few people I have chosen to

Add to my life in a special way,

Daring them to try to make the journey

Into my heart, attempting to reach its center.

Not to be taken lightly, I do not want to

Get restless. I deserve more.

❤ Me

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More and more I am
Overcome with success, accomplishments, and
Visions of a future
In which I am perfectly happy,
Not hopelessly pining over something that is

Oh, the plans I’ll make and greatness I’ll achieve
Now that I’m heading toward a goal that creates the best possible me!


❤ Me

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Daisy, The Birthday Girl!

Her 15th birthday was yesterday, so I thought I’d write a little special something for her like I did her brother!


Despite your aging ailments, you

Always will be young at heart.

It’s a joy waking up every day and

Seeing you basking in the sunlight.

You will always be loved!


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❤ Me

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G and I got together one weekend and made a little video. He had a great idea to set me reciting a poem along with background music to scenes that he recorded on his video camera. After a couple hours he had about 20 minutes to choose from which he looked at and worked extra hard to put something together. The result is something awesome! I hope you enjoy it!

I’ll put the poem and translation here for you to read first.


J’implore ta pitié, Toi, l’unique que j’aime,
Du fond du gouffre obscur où mon coeur est tombé.
C’est un univers morne à l’horizon plombé,
Où nagent dans la nuit l’horreur et le blasphème;

Un soleil sans chaleur plane au-dessus six mois,
Et les six autres mois la nuit couvre la terre;
C’est un pays plus nu que la terre polaire
— Ni bêtes, ni ruisseaux, ni verdure, ni bois!

Or il n’est pas d’horreur au monde qui surpasse
La froide cruauté de ce soleil de glace
Et cette immense nuit semblable au vieux Chaos;

Je jalouse le sort des plus vils animaux
Qui peuvent se plonger dans un sommeil stupide,
Tant l’écheveau du temps lentement se dévide!


Have pity, my one love and sole delight!
Down to a dark abyss my heart has sounded,
A mournful world, by grey horizons bounded,
Where blasphemy and horror swim by night.

For half the year a heatless sun gives light,
The other half the night obscures the earth.
The arctic regions never knew such dearth.
No woods, nor streams, nor creatures meet the sight.

No horror in the world could match in dread
The cruelty of that dire sun of frost,
And that huge night like primal chaos spread.

I envy creatures of the vilest kind
That they in stupid slumber can be lost —
So slowly does the skein of time unwind!

❤ Me

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Wandering and Wondering

Here I am once again unable to fall asleep at a decent hour… So I will make use of this situation to write a poem after long last. (I had actually written this around 3:15am, but there was a problem with my Internet connection and I was unable to correct before I ended up falling asleep.) It’s really time for me to dust the cobwebs off this blog and get back in the habit of writing regularly. 


The lull of trickling water

Does not satisfy

Her thirst

For rest

Nor does the whisper of the wind

As she lies in her bed of cotton


Instead her mind wanders


Wading through the sea

Of thoughts


Her world is gray

But for sporadic bursts

Of colour

Brought about by

Fleeting moments

Where she can escape




Soon she must


So that she might


And realize that this life

Needs direction

A spark

A dream

A goal




❤ Me

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