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I know it has been ages! I really need to get back in the habit of writing! It has been such a whirlwind adventure!And now for my dream….

I can’t exactly remember how my dream began. In it, I was speaking primarily French and also English. In it, I was researching slave trade and imprisonment of refugees in the East, around Russia. I came across one name in particular that I recognized, of a man who was currently living near me. My home was very near a high school that I attended. Someone approached me and told me that a young girl would be arriving to reunite with her father, and it was my job to help her acclimate to daily living. She may have been my sister (but not by blood). She didn’t speak English, only French. It was so sad to see her cowering and afraid of the school and the people that were currently in it. It was after hours, so not many people were there. I showed her around, and we came to the bathroom. She wanted to stay away from where the majority of people were, so I took her to a quieter area in the bathroom and explained how it would be better to go at home first before leaving for school in order to avoid the noisy crowds. I hugged her close and told her how there is hope for her, that God is with her every step of the way. Then a woman behind us broke down crying, saying how she wished she was able to talk to her daughter like that, but they were no longer together. She then told me that she recognized my new sister’s name because she heard it many times. She happened to be an escaped refugee as well and had been on the same boat. They had been separated for many months since, but she was so happy to learn that my sister was safer. Unfortunately, others were out there that wanted to find them, so their names and identities had to be changed. I took both of their hands and brought them close so we could pray for protection.
…And then my alarm went off.  😦
I always wonder what would happen if I had been able to sleep more. For me, going back to bed and forcing myself back in the dreamworld seems almost like I’m cheating, manipulating my mind so that I can return to my dream. But that’s conscious effort and not where the true dreaming state lies, in the subconscious.
Well, I have to get going now. Time to shower and get ready for church. This dream had to do with having a big trust in God, prepared to protect and support others. Good things to think about as I start my day. I could use more incorporation of faith in my life…
Have a good day!
❤ Me

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