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I can’t stop thinking
About your soft electric
Kisses on my lips


❤ Me

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I wrote this poem when I was in middle school (either sixth or seventh grade, I can’t remember) in response to the September 11th attacks. It was published in 2002-2003 Literary Magazine and a portion of it was read aloud at an assembly my school held. It’s hard to believe how dramatically my life was impacted and changed 11 years ago…


It is an ordinary day as I go out to play,

I look up to the sky, and see a plane fly by.

At first I don’t pay attention to where the plane is heading,

When I see it start to fall, I begin dreading.


Why can’t there be peace?


Two towers are falling, and screams are everywhere,

Everyone is running far away from there.

I look all around me, everything I see,

Is all grey, white, and dusty.


Why can’t there be peace?


The air smells like something’s burning, I can hardly breathe,

I think of all the lovely things I am forced to leave.

Firefighters and policemen are looking for others,

Little children are crying for their mothers.


Why can’t there be peace?


Just when I think everything is terrible and that people are led astray,

I see a person lend a hand and don’t know what to say.

If only the world would act like that, every country be friends at least,

Our world might be a better place.


Maybe there will be peace.

❤ Me

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Pissed Off

I will not be
Strung along
Like some doll
Tied with a string
To drag along
As you play with
My emotions

Frankly, my dear,
I don’t give a damn
I just want some
Common courtesy of a
Returned call
Or more effort

I’m not easy
And I will certainly make it
More difficult
To catch me now

Silence will fall
Have a taste of your own medicine



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Beautiful Day

The warm welcome sun

Beats its shining rays

Down upon the crown of her head


She raises her face to the sky

Absorbing the heat

As a light wind wisps across her face


Twirling in a circle

She smiles and laughs

Enjoying this beautiful day


Summer hints at

The approaching autumn

With almost no cloud in sight


Each day brings new possibilities

A fresh start

To a potential romance


A daisy blooms in the field

And she reaches down

To pluck it from the earth


Bringing it to her nose

She breathes deeply

And loses herself in the moment


Life is full of blossoming opportunities

Ready and waiting

For you to greet them

❤ Me

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Snow White

Once upon a time

Snow White

Realized that there should be more

To life

And love


She didn’t feel fulfilled

Or cherished

Or loved

Just appreciated

And cared for

There should be more


So she sat down

With her prince

And came to an understanding

Her journey

For love everlasting

Would begin anew


Snow White returned

To her enchanted forest

And lovingly ran her fingers across

Her glass coffin


She carefully laid herself down


And closed her eyes

Waiting for that day

When another prince would come

And give her the kiss of life



❤ Me

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Searching in the Forest

She walks through the forest

Feet bare

Eyes wide

Mind open

Heart searching


Surrounded by the red

And gold

Of the changing leaves

Rustling in the soft

Reverent breezes


Where is it?

Where has it gone?

Will it return?

What happened?

Is she lost?


She turns

Hearing the ghosts

Of echoes


Hinting at the past


A clearing comes into view

The sun shining down

Through a break in the trees

Illuminating new paths


Which should she take?



❤ Me

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