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To everyone who thinks that the people who participated yesterday in the Women’s March for Dignity were just “snowflakes” whining about Trump being elected since none of our rights appear to have been taken away:

You have completely missed the point and are speaking from a glaring position of privilege.

We marched for the women of color who are treated like “troublemakers,” being thrown off a train for laughing too loudly and being glared at for having a boisterous personality.

We marched for all the men of color that are killed by unnecessary force and police brutality.

We marched for the transgendered woman who is treated like a pedophile monster just for needing to use the restroom and having the simple desire to go through the door that matches how she identifies.

We marched for the gay couples who want nothing more than to adopt and have a family but are turned away because they are two men or two women.

We marched for Matt Shephard and the thousands of other people that identify as LGBT+ and were murdered in hate crimes.

We marched for those that receive discrimination in the workplace and are even fired from their jobs because of their sexuality.

We marched for Standing Rock.

We marched for women who are treated by their husbands and partners as trophies and objects designed solely for the man’s pleasure and limited as homemakers to bear them children.

We marched for women who are called “sluts” for what they wear when they feel confident about themselves.

We marched for women that are shamed and not believed when they come forward about sexual assault because “surely they were asking for it.”

We marched for women to have the right to bodily autonomy and to choose when they are ready to have children, if they want a child at all, while still being able to express their sexuality without shame.

We marched for women who still don’t receive the same salary as men for equal work.

We marched for the young girl who was raped at 12 years old that is forced to bear the child.

We marched for the girls that are virtually sold as child brides before they even reach puberty.

We marched for the girls in Africa that are raped because they are virgins and to infect them with HIV.

We marched for the girls and boys that are still subject to genital mutilation.

We marched for Flint, Michigan, still waiting to have clean drinking water.

We marched for the men who are raped and feel too ashamed to admit it because other men would laugh about it.

We marched for the fathers who don’t receive fair and equal treatment with custody cases in divorce court.

We marched for the fathers and mothers who struggle to have the opportunity to be with their children as new parents due to little to no family leave granted.

We marched for the parents who are worried about how they will afford health insurance and treatments for their child dying of cancer.

We marched for the refugees who are fleeing from their bombed homes and called “terrorists” by the people with whom they’re trying to seek asylum.

We marched for the young girl that experiences hushed whispers and less clapping at a school assembly because her last name has an Arabic origin. 

We marched for so many more reasons.
Open your eyes and realize that this goes beyond a presidential election. We raise our voices to be heard. We raise our voices for equality and positive change.

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