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I see the way you write to him and his replies.

Nothing will ever be quite the same between him and me,

Forever changed.

It breaks my heart to know that our paths are

Diverging in different directions.

Earnestly he tells me that he

Loves me and wants to enjoy what time together we have that remains.

I try to put how he feels about you from my mind.

Taking a deep breath, I continue to love him.

You may be his future, but respect that I am his present.





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Present’s Hope

Though our future will
Crumble as pieces of cliff
Into the vast sea

I still keep my hopes
As white winged doves close at heart
That you’ll treasure me

Love me this moment
And always in a piece of
Your heart saved for me

For the present is
Our gift to each other’s souls
In beams of gold light


❤ Me

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Fault Lines

Your words created

Fault lines on my heart. How long

Until it will break?




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