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Sonnet 13

I decided to change things up a bit and write a sonnet instead of my usual free-verse, acrostic, and haiku forms. It’s nice to exercise your mind with new ways to write.


The words from their lips plunge me in darkness

Sinking and choking on their hateful spite

While I long to feel my hero’s sweet kiss

And save me from the depths of evil night

I feel lost in this world without my guide

As I stumble along holding back tears

Waiting for the ebb and flow of the tide

Unveiling your approach to fight my fears

You succeed in chasing them far away

My heart leaps with a joyful ecstasy

To know you are forever here to stay

That this is not some thought up fantasy

I will love you until my dying breath

For our faithful love is stronger than death



❤ Me

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I’m interrupting my usual poetry posting with a little song I find relevant to my feelings at this present moment.

Florence + The Machine is one of my favorite artists out there. She is beautiful and extremely talented with an enchanting voice.


– Me

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Je Rêve de Toi

Je rêve de toi dans
Un monde sans soucis où nous
Pouvons nous aimer

Je t’embrasse quand je
Ferme mes yeux et je te sens
Dans mon cœur joyeux


❤ Me

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Move On

Behind your façade of “criticism”

I find someone

That really needs to move on and

Create some productivity in

Her own life.


You can get farther

In life without being rude

Now please go away




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You May Think

You may think that my poetry is crap

And that the cutting

Of my phrases

Into a specific form

Makes me look like a fake


You may think that I’m vain

And self-centered

Posting glamour shots of myself

As if I’m desperate for attention


You may think I’ve never read a poem

In my entire life

And wouldn’t recognize good writing

If I saw it


Guess what

I don’t give a shit about what you think

Of me


I am a strong woman

I am beautiful

I am passionate

I am me


And I will write the way I want to write

I will say what I want to say

And how I want to say it

I will post the pictures that I want


You may not like what I write

That’s fine

I do not write for you


I write for my own benefit

I write to share my soul with those who will read

I write to express my feelings

I write for me



❤ Me

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