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(Here are more dreams from young Jenna!)

February 3, 2000:

I dreamt that I was at school, and we did our normal things that we usually do every morning. Then it was time for our bee on the Southeast States and Capitals. I got sick in the middle of it.


February 13, 2000:

(I made a note that I was 19 in this dream. I dreamt this at age 9.)

I dreamt that we had a family reunion at my house. We also invited good friends of ours. When we were waiting outside a car drove up. A woman came outside and a 20 year-old boy that looked a lot like Lance. I just stared there at the boy and then I fainted. The boy and his mom rushed to my side (so did my mom). My mom could not carry me inside so the boy did. He carried me all the way to my bed. Everyone then went downstairs except the boy. He knew a way to wake me up. He kissed me. I did wake up. I asked him why he kissed me, and he said he kissed me because he loved me the moment he saw me. I said that I did too. When we went downstairs we walked close to each other. When it was bedtime the boy had nowhere to sleep, so I let him sleep in my bed with me. He was delighted to. While we were in bed, he told me that he was really Lance from NSYNC, and he was madly in love with me. I said I was too. The next day Lance asked my parents if he could take me horseback riding. They said yes. We went horseback riding. At the end he kissed me. We had many adventures together. In the end, we married.


November 6, 2000:

My class was doing a class trip to this one museum. It was pretty boring. Then we came across a sign. “The chute and chair flight that was under construction is now open!” My friends and I went up the stairs. My brother was ahead of me. We came to the front then. We went up this little ramp, but there wasn’t any air power to shoot you out. My brother went and did it. When he landed on the chair, I heard a voice call to him. “Where’s your sister? I have to talk to her.” I called down, “I’m coming!” So I flew down and landed gracefully on the chair. I saw a cute boy looking at me in a surprised look. “That was so cool! I wouldn’t be able to do that!” As I was coming down, he caught me. “That was beautiful! You’re beautiful!” He kissed me.


(I sure was a romantic, even back 13 years ago!)

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(I think I wrote this poem when I was in 6th grade. I found it in a little poetry portfolio in one of my middle school folders. That would date this either 2001 or 2002.)


Observant, calm, intuitive,

Sister of J.T. and daughter of John and Nancy,

Lover of mornings that are filled with serenity, books that lure you into their pages, and her admirable family,

Who feels content when curled up under her warm cozy sheets, dejected if sorrowful news reaches her ears, and blissful when it seems that luck is on her side,

Who needs privacy, an unending supply of books, and honorable friends,

Who gives thoughtful advice, her attention to whoever’s speaking, and companionship,

Who fears suffering, the end of something that should last forever, and loneliness,

Who would like to see peace between all countries, Orlando Bloom in person, and the end of hateful words and gossip,

Resident of St. Charles, Missouri,


I was 7 in this picture, not 11 or 12 when I wrote this poem, but I thought I would share a picture of younger me anyway.

I was 7 in this picture, not 11 or 12 when I wrote this poem, but I thought I would share a picture of younger me anyway.


❤ Me

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A siren reclines on on a wave-battered rock
In the middle of the ocean

Trailing her fingertips through the restless waters
Torrid like her heart
Threatening an oncoming storm

She gazes at her reflection
Large, luminous eyes
Full, shapely lips
Flowing dark hair
What every man would desire

Her voice
A sweet melodic symphony
That would steal the heart of any who listen
Capturing their souls
Hopeless to escape

All those men
All those hearts
All those disappointments
Have left her heart a hardened fortress
Nigh impossible to penetrate

A siren reclines on on a wave-battered rock
In the middle of the ocean


❤ Me

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