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Sparks of Memories

I feel the sparks emanate between us

Like tendrils of desire and excitement

With every glance you give me

Every smile that beams from your heart to your eyes

Every touch you brush against me

Every greeting and parting hug


Yet it is best that nothing is done

Our friendship and love we share

Blessings given to the earth and humanity

Is of greater worth than submitting to our egos

Temptations running wild


I’ll always wonder

And so will you


But we can share our love in many other ways

Our intense energies utilized in other pursuits

Like creative inspiration I already incorporate in many ways


My heart

My crown

My spirit

Will enjoy our moments together


Yet my lips will always remember the echoes

Of what once was

And what could have been


You will feel them sweetly on your cheek

As little footprints on your heart



❤ Me

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You pushed me away

Because I took the chance and

Kissed you the first time


You never told me

That you didn’t believe in

Rushing a first kiss


How can I read your

Mind when your body tells me

Something otherwise?


I suppose women

Taking the initiative

Isn’t your style


Someday I’ll find one

That believes in give and take

Between both sexes


Next time make it clear

So as not to confuse girls

With your traditions





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Sonnet 13

I decided to change things up a bit and write a sonnet instead of my usual free-verse, acrostic, and haiku forms. It’s nice to exercise your mind with new ways to write.


The words from their lips plunge me in darkness

Sinking and choking on their hateful spite

While I long to feel my hero’s sweet kiss

And save me from the depths of evil night

I feel lost in this world without my guide

As I stumble along holding back tears

Waiting for the ebb and flow of the tide

Unveiling your approach to fight my fears

You succeed in chasing them far away

My heart leaps with a joyful ecstasy

To know you are forever here to stay

That this is not some thought up fantasy

I will love you until my dying breath

For our faithful love is stronger than death



❤ Me

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Seeing Your Face

Seeing your face

And hearing your voice

Causes my heart to race




For eternities after we say goodbye


You fill me

With a happiness

That is indescribable




I can’t get enough of you


You are

What I think of


As I fall asleep

And first

When I wake up


Hold me

Touch me

Caress me

Kiss me

Love me



❤ Me

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Ignite Me

You ignite me


My heart

My mind

My eyes

My breasts

My hands

My legs

My skin

My self


My feelings

My emotions

My excitement

My eagerness

My desire

My passion

My sensuality

My frustration

My anger

My desperation

My anticipation

My soul


I want you



Come set me on fire



❤ Me

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Our First Kiss

I want to visit
And see the stars in your eyes
As we share a kiss…


❤ Me

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Snow White

Once upon a time

Snow White

Realized that there should be more

To life

And love


She didn’t feel fulfilled

Or cherished

Or loved

Just appreciated

And cared for

There should be more


So she sat down

With her prince

And came to an understanding

Her journey

For love everlasting

Would begin anew


Snow White returned

To her enchanted forest

And lovingly ran her fingers across

Her glass coffin


She carefully laid herself down


And closed her eyes

Waiting for that day

When another prince would come

And give her the kiss of life



❤ Me

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