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Going through the motions as if
Under some spell
And strange influence,
Reeling from the sense of
Detachment now present,
Every time hopeful for a
Discovery of something meaningful.


❤ Me

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Faith and trust in women and relationships have a large impact on the plot and character development in William Shakespeare’s play, The Winter’s Tale. King Leontes of Sicilia and his queen, Hermione have a cooperative and successful partnership initially with his admiration of her wit and power of persuasion. Then the provocation of a handclasp between her and his childhood friend, King Polixenes of Bohemia, spirals Leontes into a pit of paranoia convinced Hermione is a treasonous adulteress. She maintains a steadfast conviction of her innocence during the trial and defends herself courageously until she faints upon hearing of her son’s death. In addition and perhaps more so, Hermione’s closest confidante and attendant Paulina shines forth as a strong figure throughout the play with the ability to influence and shape Leontes into a more sympathetic character.

From her strong entrance demanding to visit the queen in prison, Paulina is described as “a worthy lady, / And one who much I honor” (2.2.5-6) by the jailer. She is relentless and fierce in her defense of Hermione, constantly brainstorming new ideas to present to the king in an effort to make him see reason. No man is too powerful or privileged for her to stand up against. Well aware of her strengths, Paulina asserts, “I’ll use that tongue I have. If wit flow from’t / As boldness from my bosom, let’t not be doubted / I shall do good” (2.2.50-52). She has a firm understanding of the value of well-prepared words.

Leontes is incensed by Paulina’s unrelenting defense of Hermione and appeal to his heart by involving their newborn child he does not believe is his own. He is consumed by his false ideas so much that an oracle delegated from the gods has no truth or merit in his eyes. No one is willing to stand up against him except Paulina. It is she that reports Hermione’s death. She rails against him, shouting, “Thy tyranny, / Together working with thy jealousies / … O, think what they have done, / And then run mad indeed – stark mad! For all / Thy by-gone fooleries were but spices of it.” (3.2.179-180, 182-184). With her words, Paulina begins to incite Leontes’ guilt and reconsideration of his accusations.

Sixteen long years pass, and still Paulina remains by King Leontes’ side. Grief and pain have wracked him steadily.  Paulina maintains the strong voice of feminine reason, echoing and supporting the memory of Hermione in her counsel. As Leontes is being pressured to remarry, she asserts that no woman on earth could equal his late wife and requests the power to control who he would be with. His acquiescence is an indicator of how he has transformed over time in regaining respect for women. In an astonishing revelation, Paulina presents Hermione returned to life, and Leontes is overwhelmed with joy and surprise. Paulina replies wittily, “I like your silence, it the more shows off / Your wonder” (5.3.21-22). Her steadfast resolve to see justice fulfilled and honor restored make her an inspiration for all.



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(Hello everyone! It’s been a while I know! My life has been more busy lately, and just last weekend I had a birthday extravaganza! My birthday was last Saturday, April 13th. I had quite a fantastic time, and already this new year of life for me is off to a pretty great start! There are daunting aspects as well, but c’est la vie.

I wanted to share a few dreams that I recorded in my dream journal when I was a lot younger, in case you were interested in delving into the fascinating subconscious mind of a younger me.)


August 2, 1999:

I was near a castle when the guards found me. They put me in a peanut butter jar. Then they put me in the kitchen. The Prince came in the kitchen because he was hungry. He almost ate me. Other people came in and almost ate me.


August 3, 1999:

I was in college. After a while, I could choose my career. I could be a singer, writer, or a actress. I couldn’t decide. Then I asked if I could do all of them. They said I could do one at a time.


August 4, 1999:

I was an ice skater and so was Tara from my school. We had to find out who was better. The winner got to spend a vacation with Tara Lipinski. When Tara was up, she scored 7.9’s only. When I was up, I scored all 9.9’s. I was the winner.


August 26, 1999:

I dreamt that I went to Aunt Cindy’s house. My mom was there too. We had lots of fun. Uncle Gary was not there. One day we went to a concert. We saw NSYNC. We were up front. Lance was always standing and looking at me. Then we went home and went to bed. The next day, it was time to go. So I packed. When I was in the car I checked my things. When suddenly, “I forgot my bra!!!!!!”


October 10, 1999:

I dreamt that we got a cd order form in the mail. We did not know but JT ordered some. Then they came in the mail. We were surprised. He ordered a Britney Spears for me!

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Let us create our own private paradise


Where the incessant drone of car horns

Is replaced with the lazy hum of insects

Where the shouts from people across the streets

Are replaced by the calls of birds

Where the buzz of a fan in a sweltering office

Is replaced with the drops of rain pattering through the leaves


Let us create our own private paradise


Finding nourishment for ourselves through the fruits of the land

Wearing nothing but the skin we were born with

Enjoying the soft earth as our bed

Making music through the movement of our entwined bodies


I will be your Eve


Let us create our own private paradise




❤ Me

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I recorded a video of me singing one of my favorite jazz standards yesterday! Enjoy!


❤ Me

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