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This is atrocious. I can’t even properly express how angry I am that they’re getting away with something like this…

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UPDATE:  The boys who raped and assaulted this young woman will serve no jail time. 

EIGHT teenagers have escaped a jail term for their role in the notorious “Werribee DVD” after a judge ruled they should complete a rehabilitation program to prevent them repeating their “callous” crimes.

A Children’s Court judge convicted seven of the eight youths yesterday after they pleaded guilty to making a film in Werribee last year, which showed them forcing a 17-year-old girl to perform sex acts with two of the boys while the others spat on her, poked her with sticks and repeatedly set her hair alight.

The film, which sparked a police investigation after excerpts were broadcast on national television, also showed the boys urinating on the girl and writing the film’s title, “C— The Movie” on her breasts.

One boy says, ” F—, she’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen,” during the film…

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