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Please pray for my brother who

Really hurt himself in

A fall that fractured his jaw in three places.

Your thoughts of positivity and hope matter.

He has been in the hospital since yesterday morning and will be transferred to a larger one today. The oral surgeon admitted he had never dealt with a trauma such as this in the operating room, and he wants him to have the best care and recovery as possible. I believe he will need facial reconstruction.

My brother has been through so much at only 20 years old. He is suffering from kidney failure and goes to dialysis three times a week to have his blood cleaned with the help of a machine. There is hope and good news that my aunt may possibly be able to donate one of her kidneys to help give him a new chance. I pray and ask for yours as well that hers may successfully work.

He is such a strong person with aspiring dreams to be a musician. I know he will get there someday!

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery.

❤ Me

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February 24, 2010:


Here’s a little hug for you

That I’m sending on its way

Full of love and good wishes

To be with you day by day


And if you may be feeling down

Tired, sick, or sore

I’m including special kisses too

For your health to restore


My heart is gladly one with yours

They beat in time together

And will support us, keeping strong

In all kinds of weather


I wish you well, my dearest love

May peace be with you always

I gladly hope for all the best

To bless you throughout your days.

❤ Me

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