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I’m turning over a new leaf

Finishing this chapter

Closing it down

It’s time

I’ve spent too much time

Looking back

Reading past entries

Living in the pain

Believing it was how I was supposed

To be

Dwelling on the trauma

Won’t make it

Go away

I have no choice

Either I shed my old

Outgrown skin

Or I move forward while

Not peeking

Over my shoulder

Change is uncomfortable

I have to bare my soul

And skin

Risking new wounds

But burning this shell

Will enable me to

Emerge from the ashes


Death is the road to awe

I can flourish

I just need to



-Me 19072018

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I see the way you write to him and his replies.

Nothing will ever be quite the same between him and me,

Forever changed.

It breaks my heart to know that our paths are

Diverging in different directions.

Earnestly he tells me that he

Loves me and wants to enjoy what time together we have that remains.

I try to put how he feels about you from my mind.

Taking a deep breath, I continue to love him.

You may be his future, but respect that I am his present.





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Present’s Hope

Though our future will
Crumble as pieces of cliff
Into the vast sea

I still keep my hopes
As white winged doves close at heart
That you’ll treasure me

Love me this moment
And always in a piece of
Your heart saved for me

For the present is
Our gift to each other’s souls
In beams of gold light


❤ Me

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A Special Place

You’ve nestled into a special place
In my heart
That no one else can reach

That special place
Has been empty for quite some time
And I didn’t know if it would re-ignite

Yet here it has
Yawning, stretching
Opening wider each day
As if waking from a long slumbering dream
Filled with hands grasping at impossible ideals
Trying to force what isn’t there
And giving false name to a different identity

My special place
Grows stronger every day
With fondness and tenderness
Hope and faith
Trust and patience
In you
Of you
With you

Although the chasm of time and distance is wide
We meet in my special place
Sharing our dreams, stories, and worlds
Slowly and steadily merging them as one
As I hope and pray that someday may truly happen

You’ve nestled into a special place
In my heart
That no one else can reach


❤ Me

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Hope Restored

Tall, dark, and handsome
Established in life
Lover of music
Big dreams for the future
The determination and drive to succeed

You’re a dream
And yet
You’re real

I wasn’t expecting you to find me
Yet here you are
Sharing your heart with mine
And embracing my own with care and compassion

I can’t wait to meet you
Seeing and feeling for myself
What I trust and believe you’re offering

You’re genuine

And what’s most rare, unexpected, and amazing of all
You share my faith and beliefs
I’ve never met or encountered a man like you

But I will take this slow
With careful caution
And an open eager mind

You’re everything I’ve always dreamed of wanting
And you feel the same way

My hope is restored


❤ Me

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The cloaked woman walks through the cemetery

Her feet gliding across the sparkling snow

Crystalline and serene

As her mind turns toward the past


It is done

They are gone

Never to return again


Yet if she could speak to her memories one last time

What would she say?


Deep breath

Steady inhale

Then exhaling her thoughts

One gravestone at a time


You were her first

She learned everything from you

And opened her heart deepest

First love

First true heartbreak

Emotions abused

Taken for granted

Heart left bleeding

Never fully healing


Then you came

Closer and more available

Yet not concerned

More content to feast on flesh

While she was away

No regrets

Just finding the next one to seduce


After that one you were refreshing

Dining and going out

Staying in and being creative

Closer through mutual insane treatment

By another

Yet something was missing

And was never found


Le prochain était français

Très bons mots

Son cœur a volé avec les oiseaux

L’écriture des lettres

Ta voix

Tes mots

Tu l’as promis

Mais soudainement t’as disparu

Jamais de retour



Then you came along

Making promises

Painting a pretty picture

Only to change your mind

Within twenty-four hours

Of saying you loved her


Playing games with her mind and heart


After him came you

The pilot in flight school

You talked together a lot

And seemed like a good one

But the bouts of jealousy

Arguing for no real reason

Misconstruing meanings

Drama king

Forget you


Meeting the sweet one

And having the best date ever

Restored her faith in men

Redhead and cute

With a tragic past

But bright future

Financially independent

Yet living in another state

The distance grew larger

And you never ended up contacting her again

Where did you go?


She visits each tombstone

One after another

And thinks these thoughts

For one last time


Breathing in her questions

And exhaling the answers given

In her own mind


The past is the past

It is finished and will not return

So open your heart to the present

Beautiful one

You have much to offer

And should not dwell on what was left unsaid

Or unresolved

Because this new opportunity is more amazing

Than all the heartbreaks before


Take a risk

Keep walking

Progressing out of the cemetery

And into the freedom of the future


Cloaked Woman


❤ Me

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A New Beginning

I’m starting again
Taking a leap of new faith
To see where life leads

He is wonderful
And everything I could want
In the man for me

Let’s see what unfolds
As this new journey begins
I could fall in love


❤ Me

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