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Move On

Behind your façade of “criticism”

I find someone

That really needs to move on and

Create some productivity in

Her own life.


You can get farther

In life without being rude

Now please go away




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You May Think

You may think that my poetry is crap

And that the cutting

Of my phrases

Into a specific form

Makes me look like a fake


You may think that I’m vain

And self-centered

Posting glamour shots of myself

As if I’m desperate for attention


You may think I’ve never read a poem

In my entire life

And wouldn’t recognize good writing

If I saw it


Guess what

I don’t give a shit about what you think

Of me


I am a strong woman

I am beautiful

I am passionate

I am me


And I will write the way I want to write

I will say what I want to say

And how I want to say it

I will post the pictures that I want


You may not like what I write

That’s fine

I do not write for you


I write for my own benefit

I write to share my soul with those who will read

I write to express my feelings

I write for me



❤ Me

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