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(I wrote this in March 2006 for my sophomore literature class in high school.)

Would an ordinary next-door neighbor be called upon to help defeat a fierce, fire-breathing dragon found in a backyard?  Fortunately, mythical monsters remain in the imaginations of avid readers of all ages from children to adults, but a hero can always be depended on to save the afflicted and correct injustices.  Without a hero, the world becomes a massive cyclone of chaos and horror that destroys every hope for a happy ending.  Although many heroes are admired and revered, none can compare to the legendary Heracles whose mighty strength and fierce dedication help him to become the greatest hero ever known.

Heracles is without a doubt the strongest man to ever set foot on Earth.  As an infant, he effortlessly strangles two snakes that attempt to kill him and his twin brother and simply gurgles in happy acknowledgement of his parents who rush to his side in haste.  Demonstrated at an early age, the might of this hero grows in intensity with every year that passes.  His strength enables him to master any weapon with ease, but a bow that is impossible for anyone else to use and his own bare hands are the tools he finds most effective to defeat every imaginable monster.  During his twelve famous labors issued to him by King Eurystheus, Heracles battles an iron-coated lion, conquers a snake-like, immortal hydra, and even bears the weight of the heavens on his shoulders.  Luke Skywalker, a contemporary hero from Star Wars, utterly pales in comparison to Heracles especially when considering strength.  Luke has a very slight, skinny build without the developed muscles to fight his enemies.  He is easily knocked unconscious and attacked by sinister sand people on his home planet Tatooine.  The more prominent hero of the two is Heracles.  Many consider strength to be a wonderful ingredient to the recipe of what makes a truly great hero.

Strength is certainly a requirement to be worthy of the title as a hero, but no one remembers someone who doesn’t accomplish what he or she promises to do.  Although Theseus, another Greek hero, is very strong and fights many creatures and bandits including the ferocious half-man, half-bull Minotaur, his lack of full attention to detail and promises hurt those he loves.  Upon receiving news that the furious King Minos and his ship might be chasing after Theseus and his crew and soon approaching, he decides to set sail and abandon the king’s daughter who had fallen in love with him and left her old life behind.  She is left sleeping on the shore, and no one attempts to return to her.  Theseus also neglects to set up the proper sails that inevitably lead to the suicide of his father.  On the contrary, Heracles fully dedicates himself to his twelve labors and endures them until every single one is finished.   He spends an entire year simply chasing the beautiful and flighty Cerynean Hind all over Greece before he catches it because he hopes to catch it alive.  The opportunity to abandon his duties and tasks arises more than once and still he presses on, keeping his goal in mind.  Determination is definitely an attribute to greatness.

The most important aspect of a hero is the desire to benefit humanity by caring for others and showing compassion to everyone, no matter the situation.  True character is shown by how one treats others.  Another hero of the past is Jason.  While his quest for the golden fleece and the adventures ensuing throughout the journey are certainly memorable and successful, Jason makes a few mistakes without regard for those close to him, changing the public’s opinion of him drastically.  He has a self-centered personality that prevents him from understanding and aiding people.  Eventually, he betrays his wife, the sorceress Medea and seeks to marry a different princess.  His betrayal and breaking of promises causes the deaths of his innocent sons and others.  Jason loses everything from his family to the respect from others.  Heracles, however, proves his respectability and worthiness for praise more successfully than Jason.  After accidentally causing the death of his first wife and children, Heracles is deeply moved with grief and pain.  He finds no fulfillment until he can honor their memory and help them rest in peace.  An enlightening quote states, “Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength.” (McKenzie 478)  Heracles uses his strength to help make the world a safer and more beneficial place to live.  This hero is not only very strong, but he fills himself with love and respect that transcends time.

A perfect hero will never be found.  No one is born without a flaw.  It is through recognizing the admirable traits in others that we can build confidence and pride in ourselves.  Heracles is the greatest hero of all time.  His awesome strength, dedication, and compassion rival anyone.  He may only be considered as a myth, but his heroic heart will forever be remembered in the twinkling stars of the sky and in our hearts.



❤ Me

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Sonnet 13

I decided to change things up a bit and write a sonnet instead of my usual free-verse, acrostic, and haiku forms. It’s nice to exercise your mind with new ways to write.


The words from their lips plunge me in darkness

Sinking and choking on their hateful spite

While I long to feel my hero’s sweet kiss

And save me from the depths of evil night

I feel lost in this world without my guide

As I stumble along holding back tears

Waiting for the ebb and flow of the tide

Unveiling your approach to fight my fears

You succeed in chasing them far away

My heart leaps with a joyful ecstasy

To know you are forever here to stay

That this is not some thought up fantasy

I will love you until my dying breath

For our faithful love is stronger than death



❤ Me

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