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This was written August 26, 2011 as a little journal entry for my psychology class.


In my opinion, Science is basically the process of discovery and finding out how something works. It could be a theory, a social experiment, or just wanting to figure out why something is the way it is. Anything could be a part of Science.

However, I don’t completely trust research. I find it to be mostly made up of hard facts, statistics, and data. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wanting to know the exact figures of findings, but to me there is so much more to life than seeing it on an empirical level. I’m a big believer in faith, spirituality, and the mystical. Some things just can’t be described and explained by numbers and percentages. Sometimes it just needs to be accepted that it’s beyond the capabilities of man to fathom and dissect. That’s my biggest problem with science and why I don’t particularly care for certain fields of it (Psychology not included). Scientists often try to “play God,” so to speak, and it can frustrate me.

All in all, it’s great to make ground-breaking discoveries and explain new findings on meanings of life, but in the end, there will always be something beyond our control and capabilities. I wish that more people accepted that.

Science Boy



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The princess sits restlessly in her tower

Gazing out the window to the kingdom below

Her ankles chained by fear and distrust

How can her heart and mind be safe in that big wide world?


She remembers the past

How painful and imprisoning it was

And still can be

Bound by lack of faith that it could be better


But these chains are in her mind

The only way to unlock them

Is found in her mind as well

How can she find the key?


The princess sits restlessly in her tower

Gazing out the window to the kingdom below

The only way to truly be free

Would be to close her eyes

Surrender herself to the void

Plunging into the depths of her uncertain destiny




❤ Me

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(While studying abroad in Vienna, I took a class on cyber psychology. It was very interesting, and I thought I’d share some of my writing assignments. The first week’s subject matter had to do with dating online and offline. This is very relevant to my situation at the present moment, so enjoy.)

  • According to the author, differences between online and offline dating are evolving over time and have been impacted by historical developments. In the nineteenth century, social standing, financial status, and family approval were the most important factors in developing romantic partnerships. The progression of the intensity of love in relationships was a slow and gradual process. Parents and peers had a great influence over monitoring the courtships. Online in cyberspace, however, people have the opportunity to portray their identities and personalities in the ways that they would like, not necessarily how they would be perceived initially face-to-face. It is easier to form misconceptions about the other person. A large difference is the lack of non-verbal communication and physical contact which can create a noticeable chasm in forming intimacy. Personal information is available at the click of a mouse, and this makes the process of getting to know the other person much faster than the slow development through conversation in person.
  • I find differences between online and offline dating to be similar to those related in the article. The largest difference between the two is the lack of physical contact and ability to use body language when online. For me, this is crucial in developing a true relationship. One can express emotions while online and form connections through the heart and intellect, but there is a large difference between being able to hold conversation with a person and enjoying the feeling of their arms wrapping around them or lips joining with theirs. It can be so easy to lie about who you are or how you feel online. Another difference between dating online and offline is distance. Online, the possibilities of finding someone are endless. People can form connections across countries and continents. The entire world is open to you. Offline and in person, you have more restrictions and limitations of who you meet and interact with around you. It also seems that the speed of the development of relationships changes whether online or offline. Dating offline develops at a comfortable, gradual pace with disclosure of feelings and personal information at the discretion between the two people. Online, there are so many profiles and lowering of inhibitions that knowledge is shared publicly at a much faster rate. True intimacy is more difficult to obtain online
  • Trust online is influenced by many factors. It takes a great leap of faith to be able to trust someone that you’ve never met in person. Some people feel more confident with online interaction because they are in the safety of their own home or familiar setting with the choice of furthering interactions between others or removing themselves from the situation if they feel that necessary. Understanding the level of risk involved is a huge factor of trusting online. There is always a chance that people are not truly who they say that they are, and false information can easily be given. No one wants to be betrayed or harmed. Nonetheless, these risks are taken in the hopes of fulfilling a positive opportunity. It is easy to be entertained and amused online, but more profound emotions and support can be formed when opening oneself up to another person in trust. Other factors of trust online could be influenced by familiarity with the technological world. People who grew up with the internet may be more willing to trust sites and others online than their parents. Also, experiences in childhood have a large impact on how emotions develop. Children who experience divorce or the separation of parents may find it more difficult to trust in relationships. Trust is something that evolves over time and is very complex. To gain it is a huge reward that should be treasured and respected.





❤ Me

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I Want Eternity

I would rather

Spend eternity

Gazing into your eyes

Caressing your face

And kissing your lips


Than be


From you


Watching you

Causes thrills

Of excitement

To run through my veins

Sending sparks

Of desire

All across my body


You make my heart




All for you

My love


I’m entrusting my heart

In your hands

Your loving care

To treasure it

And keep it safe


I’m trusting you

With my life

My love

I’m yours




❤ Me

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