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Pain Block

Sorry for the lack of entries and posts lately!

This past Wednesday I had surgery to get my tonsils taken out, and the past few days have been filled with pain and fatigue. It feels as if I’ve been swallowing needles!

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day!

As for me, I’m getting another ice pack and more cool water…

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I’m tired

Of this endless cycle

It has to stop


Your emotions

Have shifted

From friendship to desperation

And they are causing me distress


Yes we had a romantic past

There were wonderful times

But the past is past

It will never return

We do not have a romantic future

We are never getting back together


Stop trying


I have found someone else

Who makes my heart sing

He makes me smile

And fills me with love


He is not you

You will never be him

So leave me be

In peace


Thank you




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February 24, 2010:


Here’s a little hug for you

That I’m sending on its way

Full of love and good wishes

To be with you day by day


And if you may be feeling down

Tired, sick, or sore

I’m including special kisses too

For your health to restore


My heart is gladly one with yours

They beat in time together

And will support us, keeping strong

In all kinds of weather


I wish you well, my dearest love

May peace be with you always

I gladly hope for all the best

To bless you throughout your days.

❤ Me

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