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(This is the last excerpt from my third grade journal back in 1999!)

Mom (a poem)

I loved you since the day I was born,

I still love you right this morn.

I would give you a rose,

So now it’s time to blow your nose.

You make me cry and you make me mad,

But you also make me laugh and make me feel glad.

I make you do chores,

I feel like shutting the door.

I am sorry I made you mad,

I want you to feel glad.

I never picked you flowers,

I felt as if I had power.

Now I am sorry I made you mad,

I want you to feel glad.

All your kindness would fit in my heart,

But I did not act so smart.

Now I am sorry I made you mad,

I want you to feel glad.

Mom I loved you since the day I was born,

I still love you right this morn.

Stop Hunting Animals!!

I am here to tell you not to hunt animals. Animals are important to us. We can learn from animals. Scientists study animals and even you can study animals too. If people keep hunting animals there would not be enough animals in the zoos. Zoos are really important. If we hunt animals so much, some animals can get extinct. And we would not be able to learn about that animal anymore. You can save animals by not going on their territory. Many people cut down trees. Trees can be many animals’ homes. Raccoons, squirrels, and birds are examples of some animals that live in trees. If we cut down a lot more trees, then pretty soon there would not be any trees left. A lot more animals are dying out besides the ones that live in trees. So please help save the animals.

❤ Me

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Ocean Dive

Let’s go on an ocean dive. It will be fun and exiting. First we have to put on special equipment. Of course we have to put on air tanks. We have to put on two air tanks because it is going to take a long time. Now we have the gear on. Now we have to jump in the deep water. It is a beautiful world in the ocean. Notice the colorful rocklike creature. It is called Coral. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Also other animals can live near coral. There is a kind of fish that is made of a boxlike skull. They have to live close to coral so they can hide from bigger fish that want to eat them. Uh-oh I see a Great White Shark. It looks hungry. We better hide from the big hungry shark. Good, the shark did not want to eat us. Oh-no the shark is back again. He looks more hungry every second. It is going toward a poor skinny seal. The shark attacked the poor seal. Oh well it is part of nature’s great balancing act. There are many fish in the sea. Look at the pretty Angelfish. Look at the Blue Whale swimming overhead. It has a huge giant body. Oh man, we have to swim back to the boat. I hope we can go on a dive that was as great as this one.

The End

Nature (a poem)

Nature Nature here it is,

Wherever the outdoors is.

From birds, animals, plants or anything,

On a summer or spring day watch out for the Bee’s sting.

There are millions of species out here,

Fish, plants, and also Deer.

Some of these creatures are dying out,

We want to see the Blue Whale’s spout.

So please help Nature survive,

And do not knock down a bee hive.

How Arizona Feels About Her Students

Arizona can feel many different ways about her students. She feels helpful when a student is having a hard time understanding the work. She goes and helps the student. She felt kind when a student didn’t get the right answer. She just said “try again.” She was caring when someone got hurt. She put a wet cloth on the wound. She was loving and she hugged them when they got good and bad grades. Arizona is a very nice teacher.

Cycle Break 3-31-99

I had a very fun cycle break. Even though it was short. My dad got me a box that I could put my beanie babies in. It goes under my bed. My brownie troop went on a field trip to Bob Kramer’s Marionettes. A man told us about how they make the puppets. After they told us about puppets they put on a show called Sloopy’s Big Romance. It is kind of like Cinderella but there are no bad people in it. Last Sunday night my family went over to our friend’s house for dinner. On Monday we went to the Magic House. Yesterday we went to Lone Elk Park. We also went to a bird place. My favorite bird was Daniel, he was a Perigrine Falcon.

(To be continued…)

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I am here to tell you about honesty. Honesty is when you tell the truth. Like for instance if you break a window you should be honest and say that you were the one who broke the window. You can easily lie. George Washington lied and said that he did not chop down the cherry tree. Always try to be honest.

The World Series Championship Sportscast

Hello this is Susan Maki here to tell you about the World Series Championship. The home team is called the Kansas Bobcats and the visitors are the Orlando Homers. So far the Orlando has beat the Kansas Bobcats in six games. Can the Kansas Bobcats win the last game of the World Series? So far in the first inning nobody has scored. In fact they did not start the game yet. Now we are singing a song that starts out “Oh Say Can You See,” or something like that. The first team up to bat are the Kansas Bobcats. The people on the Bobcats team are: Gary, Caitlin, Claudia, Eric, Andrew B., Brittany, Fallon, a different Andrew B., Teri, Jessica, Amanda E., and Tyler. The people on the Orlando Homers team are: Greg, Melanie, Sarah, Krista, Michael, Grandma, Jenna, Amanda G., Timmy, Monica, Cody, and Ryan. The first one up to bat is Gary Allen. And near the stands Fallon Rueger is practicing her batting. The pitcher is Cody Daniel on the Orlando Homers. Cody pitches the ball and Gary hits it! Oh no! Monica Reinhart caught in midair. Gary is out. Fallon is up now. She perfectly ready. With her eye on the ball the pitcher pitches  the ball and Fallon hits it! Wow its the first homerun in the game! Now it is 1-0 the Kansas Bobcats winning so far. Now Andrew Brooks is up the pitcher pitches the ball to Andrew. He hits the ball but Jenna Thomas catches it in midair. He is out. If the Orlando Homers get this next one out they get to be up at bat. Tyler Crowe is up to bat now and like always the pitcher pitches the ball to Tyler. He is out! Now the Homers are up to bat. The first one up is Grandma. She says, “You can not get me Bubba.” Then she starts swinging the bat so crazily that she swung the bat over her head and the bat hit Mr. Cognac/the Umpire in the head and Grandma does a dance. Then everybody forgot about the game and everybody started cracking up!! When we finaly recoverd Amanda G. came up to bat. The pitched the ball and Amanda hit a homerun. Now it is a tie 1-1. Now the bases are loaded. And Jenna comes up to bad. The pitcher pitches his famous curveball and to our surprise Jenna hits it!!! Wow it’s a grand slam!!! Oh my it went out of the park!!!! Looks like the next Big Mac!! Now the teams keep tying and tying until the Homers hit thier last homerun. Now it is 18-17 and the Homers won! And folks Mr. Cognac is all right now. So bye for now and see you next time.

Comparing Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs can be alike in many ways. Both of them can be small. I think when they are little they are cute. They both have fur. They both can play with their owners. All of them have different color fur. Both of them can be found in different parts of the world. I like both of them. Both of them can scratch or bite.

All of them can sleep. They both can get hurt.

(Note from the present: Apparently I didn’t get to writing about how cats and dogs are different… Oh well.)

Whale Habits

I am here to tell you about the habits of whales. Whales live in the ocean. There are different kinds of whales. Whales are mammels. My faveorite kind of whale is an Orca. It weighs 10 tons and is 30 feet long. The Orcas can live in all oceans. Back in the early days men used to hunt whales. Only a tiny bit of people kill whales now. There are two kinds of whales, toothed whales and baleen whales. There are eight kinds of baleen whales. My favorite kind of whale is a toothed whale. I like Whales a lot.

(To be continued…)

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If I Were an Immigrant

We are immigrants.

We feel many feelings. I am very sad that there wasn’t enough food where I used to live in India. I feel very mad that there is a war in China. My Mom and I are lonely because my Dad died in Poland. And my mom did not want to live there any more. Now we live in America. We have to work harder in factories where children really shouldn’t work. We want to have our homes back.

Fairy Tales

My favorite fairy tales are Cinderella and The Golden Goose. I like Cinderella because it tells you that even if you are a maid you can have dreams and maybe they will come true. My favorite part of Cinderella is when the shoe fits on her foot and she gets to marry the prince. What The Golden Goose tells you is do not be so greedy that you can get carried away. My favorite part is when all the people stuck to the goose go to ask if a boy could marry a princess. But the king said he would have to build a boat. So the boy built a boat and he got to marry the princess.

Dogs (a poem)

Dogs Dogs all around.

Doing flips and touching the ground.

I like dogs so much,

I have one named Dutch.

Throw a ball for them to catch,

It is sort of like playing fetch.

Teach them tricks to learn,

And teach them how to catch a fern.

If you want one,

Call 333-111.

I have dogs all around,

I have so much I can barely see the ground.

One of the tricks i teach is jumping through fire.

And another is chewing through a thick wire.

My dogs are as smart as they can be,

I love them and they love me.


I like sports because I like to see the players show thier talents that they do best. I know that Mark Mcgwire shows the talent he shows best. I know that Tara Lipinski shows her talent that she does best also. I like to play sports because I would like to get stronger and I learn new things.

(To be continued…)

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If I was in a Storm Alone

If I was alone at home when there was a violint thunder storm guess what? I would freak out!!!!! Of course I would see lightning. I would also hear thunder. The house would shake and erosion would probably happen.

I know this is rare but trees could be struck by lightning. I might hear hail pounding on the roof. If I could look outside there would be leaves flying all over the place.

But when my mom and dad get home, the storm would be as tame as a kitten. How would they believe my story?

The End

The Weather

Hello I’m the reporter here to tell you the weather. Hurricane Bonnie is getting stronger and stronger. We predict that she will maybe strike all the way to Atlanta, Georgia. We expect that in Texas there will be a tornado in Dallas. Tonight the moon is going to be a quarter moon. The temperature today is only 95 degrees. After the rain yesterday, the dew point is very high. There will be four thunderstorms striking the U.S., in Idaho, Mississippi, Florida, and Nebraska. Tomorrow we will give you the weather report. I’m Jenna Thomas your weather reporter. See you next time.

Cycle Break

I think that I had a fun break. We had to pack for Branson. On our way to Branson we listened to the Beach Boys cd in our car. Suddenly we finally got to Branson. We had to drive in Branson for a little bit. Then we got to our Hotel. we had to unpack all our stuff. Before we got to our Hotel we stopped at a store. It had beanie babies. So we went into the store. It had Princess Bear. It was 25.00 So we decided to buy two of them. When we got to our Hotel we went swimming. After that we got ready to go to a concert called 76 Music Hall. There was a woman named Teri Austin. I also got a picture of her too. This is really fun. We got to walk to the concert. Because it was across from our Hotel. On Saturday we went to a store of collectibles. I decided to get three beanie babies. My dad wanted to get two more Princess Bears. That night we went to the Osmonds.

(Present Day Note: I still have my Princess Diana memorial Beanie Baby. I don’t want to sell it, but apparently we have three more. I still have all of my Beanie Babies! I should get them out and look at them!)

The Crying Baby

Once there was a family called the Adams. Mr. Adams and Mrs. Adams had a problem. They can not get the baby to stop crying. First they tried to burp it so it would stop crying or being sad. But the baby still cried. Second they tried to carry her on their backs. That still did not work. And last they thought of taking more care of the baby. They were right. They had to take her for a walk, feed her more, and they had to play with her more. And by doing those things the Adams had a very healthy baby.

How a Friend Should Act

My name is Jenna. I am here to tell you how a friend should act. And if you want to find a friend you will have to do the steps on how a friend should act.

1. Friends should be nice to eachother and not mean. For example if you want to play something other than what your friend wants to play, say “Why don’t we play want you want to play now and later we can play what I want to play or in other words compromise. Then maybe your friend will say yes.

2. Friends should help eachother when they are hurt. For example pretend that you are walking with your friend. You and your friend do not notice a crack in the sidewalk. Your friend trips on the crack. You should go for help if it is an emergency or if it is not an emergency you can help your friend up. Then that would be a friend.

3. Friends should share with one another. If you were at a friends house and your friend gets something to eat. It would be nice if your friend would share with you. When you share something it makes the other person happy.

4. Friends should let friends have other best friends. If your friend will not let you ave another best friend you do not have a very good friend. Your friend is being bossy.

Well I think I could you how a friend should act so bye for now!

(My Third Grade Journal will be continued…)

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(I wrote this short story in third grade as a sequel to a book I read called Sarah Plain and Tall. There are historical inaccuracies and grammatical errors, but this is a very complex plot line for a third grader to write. I really am in love with my writing style when I was 8! Actually, I’m in love with everything I’ve written. My writing style is awesome no matter how old I am!)

In Kansas in 1901, there was a house. Inside it was a bunch of very busy people. Even though it was a very small house it would fit four people and one cat named Seal.

The people in the house were Sarah, Jacob, Anna, and Caleb. Everybody was bustling about doing chores. Anna and Sarah were washing the dishes and Jacob was teaching Caleb how to cut small trees down. Anna was twelve and Caleb was seven.

Inside the house while Anna and Sarah were washing dishes, they were remembering the first time Sarah came to see if she would like to stay. Many surprising things happened while she stayed.

Anna and Caleb learned to swim in the cow pond. And Sarah met sheep and was sorry when one died. There was also a hurricane that hit. And Sarah learned to drive a wagon. Last year Sarah also got married to Jacob.

“Sarah, are you always going to stay with us?” asked Anna. “Why yes Anna, I love your papa. And he loves me. I do not want to part with him,” said Sarah.

Then they went back to washing the dishes. Back outside while Jacob and Caleb were cutting down trees they were talking also.

“Daddy, when will we ever go see Maggie’s baby?” said Caleb. “You will get to see her kid because it is not a baby anymore. It is one years old,” said Jacob.

Speaking of Maggie, there is a story about her. You see, she was pregnant when Sarah met her. Well, one day Maggie’s husband rode on his horse and rushed over to Jacob’s house.

He told them that Maggie was struggling and trying to squeeze her baby out. But she was having trouble doing it.

So they ran over to her house. When they got in the house, Sarah rushed into Maggie’s room.

She was struggling to much that she fainted when the baby came out. It was a girl.

“I remember the story of how Maggie got her baby by heart,” said Caleb. As I was saying, Caleb had done a good job cutting down trees. Jacob said so.

Inside the house the girls had finished doing the chores and they were petting Seal.

They told about the hurricane and that they couldn’t find Seal. Then after the storm they found her on the roof.

The next day they drove over to Maggie’s house. When they arrived, Maggie and her child in her arms came to greet them. “It’s nice to see you again and I have named by baby Abigail,” said Maggie.

“That is a pretty name for a baby,” said Sarah. “Her first word was Sarah,” said Maggie. Sarah smiled happily at Abigail.

Then Maggie led them inside. It was as plain as it was at Jacob’s house.

After they sat down they talked and talked until it was time to go. “Goodbye Maggie!” said Anna. “We’ll see you later.” Maggie waved Abigail’s hand to act like she was waving goodbye. Maggie waved also.

Then they started off. When they arrived at their house they looked at the calendar. “Oh my!” said Sarah. “Tomorrow is Maggie’s birthday.”  “We should make her a card and a present!” said Anna.

The next day at Sarah’s house everyone was busy making a present and card for Maggie. When everybody was finished they put their cards and presents and set off for Maggie’s house.

When they got there Jacob went up to the porch alone and rang the doorbell. Sarah, Anna, and Caleb hid in the wagon waiting for Maggie.

When Maggie’s husband answered the door Jacob said, “Hello this is Jacob. Here is my birthday present and card.” “Where are the rest of the gang?” said Maggie’s husband. “We are here!” said Sarah, Anna, and Caleb. They climbed out of the wagon. And they ran up the porch. Then Maggie’s husband opened the door and yelled for Maggie. When she answered the door everyone yelled, “Surprise!” “Oh thank you very much!” said Maggie.

“Your welcome,” said Jacob, Sarah, Anna, and Caleb. “Well we have to go now,” said Jacob. So they climbed up in the wagon.

When they arrived home they had a surprise. They found Seal and a milk snake both dead. “Oh no, not Seal!” said Sarah running toward Seal and the snake. “The snake must have bit Seal and they fought,” said Caleb. “I guess that we should have a funeral for Seal,” said Sarah.

At the funeral it was very sad. Everybody said nice things about Seal. At the end of the funeral Sarah cried so hard that she almost burst. Then Jacob dug a hole and droped Seal down it. That was the end of the funeral.

A week passed. Everybody forgot about Seal. Then one day Jacob offered Sarah that he could buy her a new pet.

But Sarah refused.

Then a month passed. That day was Caleb’s birthday. He was so exited. He was jumping all around. “I can’t believe it is my birthday!” said Caleb.

Suddenly Sarah came into the room. She gave Caleb a present. It was a Conch Shell. And written on it was a note that said “We are celebrating our birthdays together.”

“We are celebrating our birthdays together? Wow!” said Caleb.

“Why don’t we give him the rest of our presents,” said Jacob handing him two wrapped things. “May I open them?” asked Caleb. “You will open them last,” said Jacob.

So he started ripping the presents open. The first one was clothes. The second one was a book of fairy tales. And the last present was a crystal angel that held a sign that said “You are the best son I ever had.”

“Thank you for all of the presents,” said Caleb. “You are welcome,” said Jacob, Sarah, and Anna. Then there was a knock on the screen door. “I will get it,” said Anna. “It might be some friends.”

When she opened the door it was Maggie, her baby Abigail, and the twins. “Hello Anna, we have something to give Caleb for his birthday,” said Maggie.

So Anna let Maggie’s twins, Abigail, and Maggie herself in. When Maggie came in she gave Caleb a wrapped present.

“I wonder what it is, ” said Caleb. When he opened it up, he couldn’t figure out what it was. “It’s a scrapbook,” said Maggie. “What is a scrapbook?’ said Caleb.

“It is something you write or draw on,” said Sarah. “There is a pencil in there too,” said Maggie. So Caleb fished out a pencil and drew furiously stopping to look at Sarah now and then.

When he finished drawing he held up the drawing so everyone could see.

Sarah smiled at Caleb. “Thank you for drawing a picture of me. I feel that you might be an artist one day,” said Sarah.

“Oh my, look at the time we better go now!” said Maggie. “Goodbye Caleb,” said the twins. And they started off.

“This is my best birthday ever,” said Caleb. “You have said that every birthday you have had,” said Anna. “Well, this is my best birthday I ever had,” said Caleb.

After another few weeks Jacob offered to get Sarah another pet. This time she did not refuse. “I want a grey girl cat and I will name her Seal,” said Sarah.

So Jacob set off to go to the pet store so he could get Sarah a new cat. When he got there he asked, “Do you have any grey cats here?”

“You are very lucky because we have one more left,” said the store manager.

“Where is it?” said Jacob excitedly. “Right around the corner,” said the store manager. So Jacob ran around the corner. He gazed around in amusement.

It was cat city! There were cats everywhere. Then he spotted a little grey cat. He picked it out of the cage. It was so cute.

“I am going to take you home to Sarah,” said Jacob. Then he went to the cash register.

When he got to the cash register he put the cat on the counter for the pet doctor could inspect the cat.

“You have a very smart and healthy cat there,” said the doctor. That was after he paid for the cat.

As soon as he came back to his house, of course he surprised Sarah. “Oh isn’t she cute!” said Sarah.

The cat purred and layed down on Sarah’s lap.

“Jacob, thank you very much for this cat. I am going to name her Pepper,” said Sarah. “You are very welcome,” said Jacob.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Sarah kept getting fatter. “Did you eat too much?” said Caleb.

“No I did not, it is just that I am pregnant,” said Sarah. “I will try to remember that you are pregnant,” said Caleb.

Just then Sarah heard people singing happy birthday to the twins.

Sarah rushed on her coat. “Come on we have to say happy birthday to the twins,” said Sarah. So the rest of the family rushed their coats on and ran out the door.

When they arrived at Maggie’s house they went up to the front door and knocked. When Maggie came to the door everyone explained why they were sad.

“We are said because we didn’t get the twins a present,” said Caleb.

“Ohh that is okay, they don’t care if they get a present or not,” said Maggie. “We came by to say happy birthday to the twins,” said Anna. “I guess you can say happy birthday and give them a present anyway,” said Maggie.

(I wrote “To be continued…” at the bottom of the final page of the story, but I never actually finished it. I can’t believe how long of a short story that was for an 8 year-old to write! Then again, I’ve always been a writer. I’ve been known to take prompts and then go way beyond what people ask for. This was a really cute story! It makes me want to write a new one soon!)

❤ Me

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(I couldn’t resist sharing more entries today!)

July 28, 1998:


I would like to achieve in being a Brownie Girl Scout and bridge into a Junior girl scout. I hope we will do it this year.

Did you know that I have skipped Daisys and went right into Brownies? Well I did. Don’t worry. It is not like I don’t like Brownies, I just can’t wait to be a Junior girl scout.

I would want to be an achiever in the future too. I would want to be two things when I grow up.

The first thing that I would want to be is a writer. (Probably because I love to write.) First I would want to write children’s books. Then when I’m pretty tired of them, I would start chapter books.

I totally forgot to tell you something! I will also go to college to study to be a writer.

Did you know I might write a story called “The Kids in Mr. Cognac’s Class?” I might, I just might.

Another thing is that I might want to be is a singer. I will tell you a secret. Promise you won’t tell? Because this is a super dooper secret that I have never told ever in my whole life. Ready? Set? Go!!

I am a really great singer!!! Really! I really am. Sometimes I go up to my room alone and I sing. I really don’t sing very well in public. But alone, I’m great! I hope I achieve everything I want to achieve.

(Note from the present day: This entry really made me smile. I’m still in the process of achieving all of those things! I did become a Junior girl scout, and while I didn’t go to college to be a writer, I went for music and singing instead. As you know, I still am writing. I might skip children’s books and go straight to novels and poetry anthologies, though. And I’m really glad that I came out with my secret that I can sing well! Because I can! And you know it too.)

August 10:

United States Long Ago

I think that there weren’t any cars back then. Instead, they might have used buggees or horse drawn carriages. The schools back then probably weren’t like they are now. Television was in black and white or maybe there wasn’t any television at all.

Long ago, Saint Louis wasn’t like it is now. You can also go to museums and they will tell you more about the United States long ago.

In school long ago, there probably weren’t any baskets to hold lunch boxes. I think that maybe life is better now than back 100 years ago.

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