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I can never forget my first


He is etched on my heart and soul

From when I was innocent and untouched

Not yet soiled by society

Still naive and hopeful

Passionate and creative

Dreaming of a bright future

But then I was ripped from my fantasies

Stripped bare

Raped by medicine and doctors and diagnoses

I was a virgin penetrated by traumas

It was painful

I didn’t belong

I longed to escape from my cage

And so I burned my Self to the ground

Resurrecting and liberating myself

On the ninth day

My first love never came to me

He never held me

Nor did he touch me

All I had was his words

Brief glimpses of his voice that I have since forgotten

And photos

Eleven years have passed

I am now married and living abroad

He is engaged to another

Yet we are closer than before

Nothing will ever happen that could compromise our evolved lives

But I do hope that one day our bodies will someday stand in the presence of one another

And our souls will greet one another

With love, light, happiness, and peace

Because out of that tumultuous time

Came a Phoenix

She has been reborn on several occasions

Over the years

Yet there is still the innocent dreamer

Hidden beneath the ashes


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Just So We’re Clear

You may wear the pants,

But I control the zipper.

Is that understood?




❤ Me

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My Choice

Choosing to be with only you, despite the
Hardships we will
Endure with the distance between us, feels
In a way that I cannot describe.
Something about you is different in your
Heart that I don’t want to lose.


<;3 Me

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Seeing Your Face

Seeing your face

And hearing your voice

Causes my heart to race




For eternities after we say goodbye


You fill me

With a happiness

That is indescribable




I can’t get enough of you


You are

What I think of


As I fall asleep

And first

When I wake up


Hold me

Touch me

Caress me

Kiss me

Love me



❤ Me

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February 24, 2010:


Here’s a little hug for you

That I’m sending on its way

Full of love and good wishes

To be with you day by day


And if you may be feeling down

Tired, sick, or sore

I’m including special kisses too

For your health to restore


My heart is gladly one with yours

They beat in time together

And will support us, keeping strong

In all kinds of weather


I wish you well, my dearest love

May peace be with you always

I gladly hope for all the best

To bless you throughout your days.

❤ Me

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Wedding Poem

February 9, 2010:


I wrote this as a second half of a poem dedicated to the now married S and G for their wedding.


My entire spirit soars

On the wings of heaven

In a joyous song



This day has come

Where I am no longer myself

But half

Where it is no longer you and me

But we


I give to you myself

In all that I will do

Beginning from this day

I will love spending life with you


❤ Me

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