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April 27, 2009:


I am the face of a thousand deaths

The fire of hatred

Burning deep within.


My mother and father lying here

Looking blankly towards the sky

As if in slumber.


I stare with wide gazing eyes

Taking your face

And committing it to memory.


Your shirt with buttons

Leather shoes

Camera firmly in hand.


You don’t make sense

To my five year-old mind

I try to understand.


I fall to the dirt

Frail and weak

But my heart is stronger than you think.


You see knowledge in my eyes

The wisdom of survival

But death is just another path

That will bring a bullet into my body.


As I continue watching you

You bring the camera to your face

A snap and bright light

I am immortalized.


A shot cries out

Bursting through the silence

A flood of red blooming from my chest

The darkness consumes me.



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