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I can never forget my first


He is etched on my heart and soul

From when I was innocent and untouched

Not yet soiled by society

Still naive and hopeful

Passionate and creative

Dreaming of a bright future

But then I was ripped from my fantasies

Stripped bare

Raped by medicine and doctors and diagnoses

I was a virgin penetrated by traumas

It was painful

I didn’t belong

I longed to escape from my cage

And so I burned my Self to the ground

Resurrecting and liberating myself

On the ninth day

My first love never came to me

He never held me

Nor did he touch me

All I had was his words

Brief glimpses of his voice that I have since forgotten

And photos

Eleven years have passed

I am now married and living abroad

He is engaged to another

Yet we are closer than before

Nothing will ever happen that could compromise our evolved lives

But I do hope that one day our bodies will someday stand in the presence of one another

And our souls will greet one another

With love, light, happiness, and peace

Because out of that tumultuous time

Came a Phoenix

She has been reborn on several occasions

Over the years

Yet there is still the innocent dreamer

Hidden beneath the ashes


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On Fire

I’m on fire
Flames licking my skin
Sweat droplets beading on my body
Melting away the pain and brokenness

I’m consumed
Burning up with a fever of passion
Mania and madness
Chaos at every turn

I’m blinded by the brightness
Unable to see what lies before me
All I know is the past
And the present moment

I want to finish dying
So I may rise again from the ashes
Reborn a new woman
More powerful than ever before

I will be a goddess of the flames
Of desire and passion
Of strength and resilience
Of love

I am becoming a new true me
So I will happily burn
Consumed by these flames
Until I can spread my new wings

I’m on fire


❤ Me

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February 15, 2009:

Burst of flame

In a brilliant ball of




And Blue


In an inferno

That kills her life


In black ashes

Glowing embers

Still envelop

The woman

With a dark

Black shroud

The air steadily



Cooling the fire

Letting her breathe

Entries for slow

Deep breaths

Emulating from her bosom

Eyes closed



She lifts up everything

And rises

Re-born into

A phoenix

Lifting up her outstretched and

Ethereal wings

To the heavens

Where she finds






❤ Me

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