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I’m turning over a new leaf

Finishing this chapter

Closing it down

It’s time

I’ve spent too much time

Looking back

Reading past entries

Living in the pain

Believing it was how I was supposed

To be

Dwelling on the trauma

Won’t make it

Go away

I have no choice

Either I shed my old

Outgrown skin

Or I move forward while

Not peeking

Over my shoulder

Change is uncomfortable

I have to bare my soul

And skin

Risking new wounds

But burning this shell

Will enable me to

Emerge from the ashes


Death is the road to awe

I can flourish

I just need to



-Me 19072018

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On Fire

I’m on fire
Flames licking my skin
Sweat droplets beading on my body
Melting away the pain and brokenness

I’m consumed
Burning up with a fever of passion
Mania and madness
Chaos at every turn

I’m blinded by the brightness
Unable to see what lies before me
All I know is the past
And the present moment

I want to finish dying
So I may rise again from the ashes
Reborn a new woman
More powerful than ever before

I will be a goddess of the flames
Of desire and passion
Of strength and resilience
Of love

I am becoming a new true me
So I will happily burn
Consumed by these flames
Until I can spread my new wings

I’m on fire


❤ Me

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A New Beginning

I’m starting again
Taking a leap of new faith
To see where life leads

He is wonderful
And everything I could want
In the man for me

Let’s see what unfolds
As this new journey begins
I could fall in love


❤ Me

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