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It’s time you know how I really feel


I need to extract all of these feelings

In order to move on from the hurt

The wounds

From the knife that you held

As you stabbed me repeatedly

In my heart, mind, and spirit


I was wary when I started communicating with you

I had been burned by so many men



Dating was losing meaning

I feared that I would no longer know true intimacy


You were patient yet persistent

You said such wonderful words

You painted pretty pictures

You wanted me to get used to seeing the word “love”

And faster than I felt I was ready

You coaxed those three words out of me


I fell hard and fast

Drinking in the sweet nectar of your promises

We spoke of marriage

We spoke of children

I felt love for the second time in my life

It was my fairy tale dream coming true

My hope was restored


And then you betrayed me

You not only changed your mind

But you took back your promises

You lied

You cheated

You manipulated

You used

You took advantage of my sweet soul

You became like all the others before you


I loved you

I really did

I trusted you with my heart

And you replaced me quickly

After I finally found the courage to let you go

Causing me to feel even more worthless


The Universe has me wrapped in its loving embrace

It is showing me that I don’t need you in my life

In fact, I am in an amazing place

My dreams are being realized and fulfilled

I am meeting people entwined in my life path and destiny

I am growing spiritually

I am becoming more of my true self

I am more beautiful


I thought I wouldn’t find anyone as wonderful as you

Well I’ve found several thus far

And all have been better lovers

I don’t need you to get release

Because you’re not even worth my time

I’m not dependent on a relationship to feel complete

I don’t need one


I’m content with being independent

I will choose my friends and partners

If I want intimacy, I will get it

Because I have goals

I have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled

And that fuels me much more powerfully


My heart has hardened

I don’t trust anyone

Love won’t come easily

I now doubt every single act of compassion and love

I fear commitment

I’m afraid for my heart

Because of you


I hope that you’re happy

With whomever you’re with

I hope she can give you what you want

I apparently couldn’t


But you know what?

I’ll be fine

I’m stronger than ever

More powerful

I’m going great places

I’m lightyears beyond you

I’m too good for you


Hopefully this will help bring me peace

You’ve been haunting me far too long

I shouldn’t waste thoughts on you

I never want to see you again

But you’ll see me

You’ll see me on the silver screen

And on the cover of magazines

You’ll hear my voice on the radio

You won’t be able to rid yourself of me

I will be everywhere


But you will be long gone




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The cloaked woman walks through the cemetery

Her feet gliding across the sparkling snow

Crystalline and serene

As her mind turns toward the past


It is done

They are gone

Never to return again


Yet if she could speak to her memories one last time

What would she say?


Deep breath

Steady inhale

Then exhaling her thoughts

One gravestone at a time


You were her first

She learned everything from you

And opened her heart deepest

First love

First true heartbreak

Emotions abused

Taken for granted

Heart left bleeding

Never fully healing


Then you came

Closer and more available

Yet not concerned

More content to feast on flesh

While she was away

No regrets

Just finding the next one to seduce


After that one you were refreshing

Dining and going out

Staying in and being creative

Closer through mutual insane treatment

By another

Yet something was missing

And was never found


Le prochain était français

Très bons mots

Son cœur a volé avec les oiseaux

L’écriture des lettres

Ta voix

Tes mots

Tu l’as promis

Mais soudainement t’as disparu

Jamais de retour



Then you came along

Making promises

Painting a pretty picture

Only to change your mind

Within twenty-four hours

Of saying you loved her


Playing games with her mind and heart


After him came you

The pilot in flight school

You talked together a lot

And seemed like a good one

But the bouts of jealousy

Arguing for no real reason

Misconstruing meanings

Drama king

Forget you


Meeting the sweet one

And having the best date ever

Restored her faith in men

Redhead and cute

With a tragic past

But bright future

Financially independent

Yet living in another state

The distance grew larger

And you never ended up contacting her again

Where did you go?


She visits each tombstone

One after another

And thinks these thoughts

For one last time


Breathing in her questions

And exhaling the answers given

In her own mind


The past is the past

It is finished and will not return

So open your heart to the present

Beautiful one

You have much to offer

And should not dwell on what was left unsaid

Or unresolved

Because this new opportunity is more amazing

Than all the heartbreaks before


Take a risk

Keep walking

Progressing out of the cemetery

And into the freedom of the future


Cloaked Woman


❤ Me

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