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Heavenly Embrace

To celebrate the return of my singing voice, I recorded a video of an original song that I wrote back in 2010 for a Music Theory project. I went above and beyond the requirements, created a melody, and wrote lyrics for it. In fact, I think I already shared the lyrics with you all in the past. I was inspired by the first few chords from Howard Shore’s “Evenstar” from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

My voice isn’t perfect yet, and my full range isn’t back, but I do love what I’m hearing so far! In two weeks, I will be at full vocal health and capabilities!

Out of the darkness

Into light

You took my hand and

Held me tight

Then all my fears they

Fled through the night

And you kissed the

Tears from my eyes

I felt a passion

Burning in my breast

All the way through me

In magnificence

Wrapped in your splendor

As we gazed into the night

It was if the stars fell from the


With your lips pressed

Softly on my cheek

You whispered lightly

Of your hopes and dreams

I smiled brightly

Beaming with light

As we drifted through thought

Space and time

My heart sang in joy

Beating all with your heart in time

We forever one

Always together

Never to part

Though we may be far away

In this moment we’ll forever


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(In honor of the midnight release The Hobbit film, I wanted to share my favorite verses from The Lord of the Rings. I had a little trouble with the formatting, but I hope you enjoy the beautiful verses nonetheless.)

A Elbereth Gilthoniel,
silivren penna miriel
o menel aglar elenath,
na-chaered palan diriel
o galadhremmin ennorath
nef aear, sí aearon,
Fanluilos, le linnathon
Nef aear, sí aearon!

‘O Elbereth Star-kindler,

(white) glittering slants-down sparkling-like-jewels

from firmament glory [of] the star-host,

to-remote-distance after-having-gazed

from tree-tangled middle-lands,

on-this-side [of] ocean, here [on this side of] the Great Ocean,

Fanuilos, to thee I will chant

on-this-side [of] ocean, here [on this side of] the Great Ocean!’


O môr henion i dhû:

Ely siriar, êl síla.

Ai! Aníron Undómiel.

Tiro! Êl eria e môr.

I ‘lîr en êl luitha ‘úren.

Ai! Aníron…

‘From darkness I understand the night:

dreams flow, a star shines.

Ah! I desire Evenstar.

Look! A star rises out of the darkness.

The song of the star enchants my heart.

Ah! I desire…’

Bealocwealm hafað fréone frecan forth onsended
giedd sculon singan gléomenn sorgiende

on Meduselde þæt he ma no wære

his dryhtne dyrest and mæga deorost.


‘An evil death has set forth the noble warrior
A song shall sing sorrowing minstrels

in Meduseld that he is no more,

to his lord dearest and kinsmen most belover.
‘An evil death…’

Ú i vethed nâ i onnad.

Si boe ú-dhanna.

Ae ú-esteli, esteliach nad.

Nâ boe ú i.

Estelio han, estelio han, estelio,

estelio han, estelio veleth.

 [Es]teliach nad, estelio han.

‘Not the end [it] is the beginning.

Now it-is-necessary [that] don’t-fall

If you don’t-trust some-thing.’

 ‘Not the end [it] is the beginning.’

 ‘[It] is necessary don’t that.’

 ‘Trust this, trust this, trust

Trust this, trust love.’

 You trust some-thing, trust this.’

Héo naefre wacode dægréd

Tó bisig mid dægeweorcum

Ac oft héo wacode sunnanwanung

Ðonne nihtciele créap geond móras

And on ðaere hwile

Héo dréag ðá losinga

Earla ðinga ðe héo forléas.

Héo swá oft dréag hire sáwle sincende

Héo ne cúðe hire heortan lust.

‘She never watched the morning rising,

Too busy with the day’s first chores,

But oft she would watch the sun’s fading,

As the cold of night crept across the moors.

And in that moment

She felt the loss

Of everything that had been missed.

So used to feeling the spirit sink,

She had not felt her own heart’s wish.’

Ngîl cennin eriel vi 
Menel aduial, 
Glingant sui vîr 
Síliel mae. 

Ngîl cennin firiel vi 
Menel aduial, 
Dúr, dúr i fuin

Naenol mae.

An i ú nathant

An i naun ului

A chuil, anann cuiannen

A meleth, perónen

I saw a star rise high in the
Evening sky,
It hung like a jewel,
Softly shining.

I saw a star fade in the
Evening sky,
The dark was too deep and so light died,
Softly pining.

For what might have been,
For what never was.
For a life, long lived
For a love half given

Orthannen im vi ól
Coll e dû

Or hiriath naur

Na rovail mae sui ‘waew

Man prestant i ardhon?

Cerithar aen illiad dim úthenin?

In a dream I was lifted up.
Borne from the darkness
Above the rivers of fire.
On wings doft as the wind.
What’s happened to the world?
Is everything sad going to come untrue?


❤ Me

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