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Desire for love
Slowly fades away into
Longing for friendship.

Who can she so trust
That could repair her sad heart
And bring back her smile?

It will take a sweet
And compassionate dear soul
To make her happy.


❤ Me

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July 22, 2009:


It’s amazing

How one little spark

And pinprick on the horizon

Can blossom into a sunrise


Tender care

Nourishes tiny seeds

Growing in hope

And anticipation in the new day


Each moment with you

Plants precious memories

Within my heart

Close to my soul


These times

Fly on the wings of angels

Singing hymns

Of gratitude and joy


We may not always be in each other’s arms

But if I close my eyes, I can feel you by my side

And every night before I fall asleep I send a part of my heart out

To be with you, protect you, and care for you throughout the day

Growing in strength each day passing

For it is the most special gift I possess


To you, I give it freely.



(This concludes excerpts from my fifth volume of my journals. Looking back on these poems makes me sad. We had made plans to get engaged, married, and start a family together. I gave my heart to him freely. It appears that it was too freely, causing me to be hurt by him more so than from any other man. Yet I feel a cathartic release, in a sense, as I publish the poetry I dedicated to him. Maybe other readers will appreciate my words more than he.)


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