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I Dream

I dream of a world
Where everyone has the right
To love who they love


❤ Me

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I’m thankful for everyone that identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

I didn’t even know that someone could love anyone of the same gender until I was 14 years old and a freshman in high school. It made me curious, but I never felt uncomfortable. I was in theatre, so I became friends with someone gay pretty quickly. His name was Chris, and he was a phenomenal actor! Never once did I consider him less of a human being and someone to avoid. He had a wonderful and welcoming heart. He was a senior, so I was excited he even acknowledged me and said hello!

8 years ago, I can’t even count the number of my LGBT friends. Some of my old high school friends came out, and I’m so proud that they had the courage to do so, despite all of the pain and hurt they may have encountered. I went to Webster University, and there’s where I met the majority of my LGBT friends today. My junior year, I lived with a transgender male, transgender woman, and gay man. I was the only straight person! But I was okay with that. They are just as awesome no matter who they choose to love. I’ve made many online friends that identify as LGBT too. Some of my best friends are.

I’m so grateful for their friendship and their diverse views in life. Without them, I would lose a different perspective about love. But really, they are not very different from straight people. The biggest difference between them and me is discrimination.
It makes me so sad that I want to cry sometimes. I can’t believe that legislation and laws are being made (and will hopefully continue to be overthrown) to restrict them from being entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals. This blatant discrimination is wrong. African Americans have endured it. Middle Easterns in America have endured it. Women have endured it. Anyone who declares themselves different has endured it. It’s not fair or right.
Thank you, each and every single one of my LGBT friends. Thank you for maintaining an attitude of love for those that are trying to persecute you. I’m sorry for all you have and will continue to encounter. I love you for being you, a beautiful person that God intentionally created. Don’t listen to the hate. Listen to the love that people are giving to you. Hopefully years in the future we can look at this struggle for equality as a challenge we all overcame. Love who you choose to love. No one will be able to take away whoever you want to love.
I love you.
❤ Me

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