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WANTED: Someone Special

It seems like every attempt I’ve made to actively look for someone has failed.

Back in high school, I was never in a serious romantic relationship. I met my first love on Facebook, and, after 3 years, I realized he never once treated me like he loved me. I knew what it was to feel love in my heart for a man, but I myself have never experienced what real, true love feels like to be bestowed upon me by someone else. I ended things, and found myself rushing into a relationship with someone who didn’t know how to properly treat a woman either. This one was a cheating asshole, so I ended things. Next, I tried a relationship with someone else, and it just wasn’t right. So I ended things for the third time.

Then I joined the dating scene. I went out with lots and lots of different guys. All were interesting in their own ways. I joined a dating site on a whim, and apparently a girl like me is in high demand. For messaging or wanting to have sex with me, that is. I got sick of being manipulated and heart-broken every time I tried opening up to someone. This has been going on since August, and frankly, I’m tired of it all already.

I keep telling everyone and myself that I’m going to stop looking and focus on myself for now, working to be more amazing, awesome, and beautiful than I already am. And I want to do that. But I don’t want to stop going out and meeting people. I like exploring my options. It’s a nice thrill.

So this makes me seriously consider just taking my heart completely out of the equation. Ripping it from my chest and placing it ever so carefully in a impenetrable chest that can only be opened by someone who has the key. And I’m planning on locking that key to my heart in another chest that someone has to find and be able to open before he goes to actually win my heart.

I am a good person. A beautiful woman with an even more beautiful heart and mind. I’m by no means perfect, but I deserve someone just as good and beautiful and compassionate as I am.

Which leads me to the reason I’m writing this. I’ll share with you readers what I’m looking for in a man. Something more in depth than a simple dating profile would say. This may be a work in progress, and I can always write more later. But for now, here are qualities I’m looking for:

  • I would like to find someone who speaks at least one language other than English. Maybe even more than just one. I have a strong affinity to foreign languages and plan on traveling the world. It would help if my man was the same way or at least willing and eager to learn a new language. Bonus points if you speak French. That’s my second language, and I would love to be able to raise my children bilingual in French.
  • You don’t have to be a musician like I am, but a huge appreciation for music is very important. I enjoy music of all genres (heavy metal, screamo, and country not as much as the others). I sing many styles, but I’m most proficient at classical/opera and jazz. If you don’t like classical music and opera, I’m sorry, but it will be difficult if you can’t appreciate me one day performing in an opera like I dream about.
  • I love watching films of all kinds. I know most people love movies too, but if you like movies such as Lord of the Rings, The Fountain, and various foreign films we will get along more splendidly than most.
  • If you like poetry and literature and are a complete bookworm, I’m definitely interested in sharing thoughts with you! It’s my dream to one day have a library of all my books in the mansion I’ll reside in, just like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! And well, if you’re reading my blog, you already have an appreciation for these things, so that’s great!
  • I’m looking for a man that can handle my intense lifestyle. I am always involved in creative pursuits like writing music and poetry, recording songs and videos, taking pictures, as well as being social. I would like to be with someone who is driven by high ambitions and the drive to succeed to the best of his ability. You will never be bored with me, and I certainly do not want to date a boring person. I won’t always be available, so please be patient with me if we can’t always be together.
  • Lazy men do not appeal to me. I’m a huge advocate for equal rights, and that means sharing chores and duties around the house. I will not be a housewife from the 1950’s. I will be out and about working to earn my living. If we can cooperate and share what needs to be accomplished, like cooking and cleaning, that would be wonderful. Don’t expect me to be your maid. Except if I decide to dress up as a sexy French maid…
  • Whatever religion you belong to doesn’t matter, as long as you are open to diverse beliefs. I’m a liberal in every sense of the word. I’m a Catholic, but I am a very liberal one. I do not want to be with a close-minded individual. If you’re an American Conservative, I won’t be opposed to you, but if I find out through conversation that we don’t share the same open-mindedness, we won’t be able to get along. I believe in equal rights for all. That means blacks, Muslims, homosexuals, and every other human on this good Earth. We have no right do deny the rights of others to love one another or practice their faiths.
  • I’m looking for a man that won’t mind paying the bill at the restaurant we go to for a meal. I’m looking for a man that will find joy in hugs, cuddles, and kisses as well doing exciting things in exciting places. You don’t have to be rich, but I can’t afford to pay for everything right now. I’m between jobs at the moment, but someday money will no longer be an object or obstacle.
  • If you’re taller than me, I’d prefer that too. I’m 5’7″ (about 169 cm, I think).

I think that’s enough for now. I’ll continue this later, if the motivation arises.

If you think that you satisfy all or most of these “requirements,” let me know. Except leaving me a comment on here for everyone to see might not be the best idea… Let’s see… How about you send an email to the following address? Yes. Send an email to: datejenna413@gmail.com

For now, have a merry Christmas everyone.


❤ Me

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