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For Izzy

For the highest bidder on some online forum (no real money was involved), I said that I would write and dedicate a poem for the person. A girl named Izzy won, and so I asked her to share some information about herself with me. On November 14, 2008, I wrote this poem. I should do something like this again.

Midnight blue spans the skies,

Enwrapping the world in a blanket of stars.

Soft whispers of the wind

Lull all to sleep.

Except for one woman

Who sits motionless,

The ocean laid out at her feet.

Her dark eyes can look into souls.

They see all,

The naivety of those who have not

Known pain and sorrow,

The frailty of those who have not

Truly lived with their whole hearts.

Strength of the earth

Seeps into her body.

Power flowing through her veins,

Making nothing impossible to achieve.

Closing her eyes,

She feels the breeze caress her cheek.

An invisible force wraps itself

Around her in a comforting embrace.

The burdens of her heart are lifted

Replaced with peace.

A shooting star trails across the sky,

Leaving a trace of hope

Solely meant for her.

A smile bursts across her face,

Causing her entire being to glow.

One smile from her can brighten the sky.

She can feel her body lighten,

Leaving behind the weight of the world.

Lifting her face to the heavens,

She rises up among the stars,

Becoming a shining beacon herself.

There she resides,

A light to all who know her,

Source for companionship, hope,

And inspiration.

❤ Me

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