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Glass House

She gazes around her glass house
Smiling at the memories
Yet you can see that it doesn’t quite reach her eyes
Instead there is sadness

The pages of letters keep arriving
But will soon collect dust
The bouquet of roses has already begun to wilt
Leaves dried
Petals fallen
His side of the bed holds the impression of his body
But it will soon grow cold

The crack in the floor of her glass house appeared weeks ago
Steadily growing and lengthening
Traveling across the room
Mirroring the steady breaking of her heart

Is she a fool for refusing to leave
While her glass house shatters?



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Glass Ruby

I wrote this July 2008, I believe, in response to rejection from a guy I was interested in.  It’s so amazing how poetry does not lose meaning or significance as the years go by.


Don’t worry
I’ll be fine.
This routine I could go
Through with my
Eyes closed.

You’re just a notch in my heart
Riddled with holes.
Don’t you see?
You’re holding it
In your hands.
Can you count the scars?
It’s quite a large organ,
Larger than normal
Because I am a generous lover.
But the scars
Blacken the scarlet beauty
That is the centre of me.

Don’t ask me to explain.
You’d run away
If I told you some
Of the history behind them.
The others did
When I unveiled my heart
Before their eyes.
I can remember the deep cuts
But not so well the smaller.

What hurts the most
You cut me with
A pitying smile
A façade of regret.
I know the cliché response.
There is no rejection
Under the sun
That I have not heard.
Don’t worry.
I’ll be fine.


Need I say more?

I’m sick of this pain.
Would you do me a favour?
One last gesture?
Give me back my heart
If your hands slip
And my wounded soul
Falls to the floor,

This glass heart will shatter.



❤ Me


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