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Sparks of Memories

I feel the sparks emanate between us

Like tendrils of desire and excitement

With every glance you give me

Every smile that beams from your heart to your eyes

Every touch you brush against me

Every greeting and parting hug


Yet it is best that nothing is done

Our friendship and love we share

Blessings given to the earth and humanity

Is of greater worth than submitting to our egos

Temptations running wild


I’ll always wonder

And so will you


But we can share our love in many other ways

Our intense energies utilized in other pursuits

Like creative inspiration I already incorporate in many ways


My heart

My crown

My spirit

Will enjoy our moments together


Yet my lips will always remember the echoes

Of what once was

And what could have been


You will feel them sweetly on your cheek

As little footprints on your heart



❤ Me

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May 19, 2009:


I sit still

Reclining and relaxed

On these thoughts

These memories


I can hear

The incessant twitters

And chirps

Of the birds

Proclaiming their love for Spring


It’s a season

Of new beginnings

Births of ideas

With endless possibilities


Green leaves sprout

Grass grows

Flowers bloom

Raising their heads to the sun


The heavens are the limits

Thoughts just project upwards

Traveling through the sky

Until they reach their goals


Our friendship grew from the earth

And blossomed into a lovely romance

Winter came and caused our petals to fall

Now Spring has returned


And we have been resurrected

As a dandelion

When a child picks us up

In her innocent hands

Blowing our seeds and scattering them to the winds

We fly to the heavens

With our hearts and minds spread wide

For whatever will come

On our new separate paths


Remember we came from the same bloom.


❤ Me


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