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I feel like I’ve been living in a dreamlike state for the past few years

As if I’ve been asleep and under an illusion

Hypnotized by the lure of starting somewhere completely new 

Building a new life with new people and new adventures

But cracks are starting to form along the surfaces 

Exposing the reality beneath

I’m beginning to realize that not everything is as I thought

Or hoped or dreamed they would be

Sometimes I wake up for brief periods of time

Tears streaming down my face

Heart bruised and battered

I scream and cry and try to see life as it really is

But I am guarded by a beast that knows neither compassion nor empathy

This beast is my keeper 

Feeding me with little poisoned truffles of doubt and blame

Frightening me into submission

Part of me wants to escape and be free

The other part wants to see if I can conquer and tame the beast

Changing the fear into a much stronger love

I know there is potential

But I fear that it is doomed to remain under the enchantement

Only time will tell

If I’m able to fully wake and break 

Free from this glass prison 

Of doubt, fear, blame, jealousy

I do know that I cannot trust anyone around me

They are illusions of sincerity

At any moment they could turn

Thus Sleeping Beauty blinks awake for a brief moment

Takes a deep breath

And closes her eyes once more


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I Am

(I wrote this when I was 11 years-old in 6th grade.)


I am queen of the world inside my head

I love to stroll about the unique lands that exist only in my thoughts

I hear the exquisite music floating about on the wind

I see many fascinating creatures that can also be found in books

I long to feel like I belong among others

I am queen of the world inside my head


I gain new lands as I read more stories

I can’t count how many I’ll have when it’s time for me to step down from the throne

I need to visit each setting more than once in my lifetime unless one doesn’t appeal to me

I wish others could see what I’ve seen and think the thoughts that I’ve thought

I wonder what other worlds inside the heads of others are like

I am queen of the world inside my head



❤ Me

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I Dream

I dream of a world
Where everyone has the right
To love who they love


❤ Me

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A Special Place

You’ve nestled into a special place
In my heart
That no one else can reach

That special place
Has been empty for quite some time
And I didn’t know if it would re-ignite

Yet here it has
Yawning, stretching
Opening wider each day
As if waking from a long slumbering dream
Filled with hands grasping at impossible ideals
Trying to force what isn’t there
And giving false name to a different identity

My special place
Grows stronger every day
With fondness and tenderness
Hope and faith
Trust and patience
In you
Of you
With you

Although the chasm of time and distance is wide
We meet in my special place
Sharing our dreams, stories, and worlds
Slowly and steadily merging them as one
As I hope and pray that someday may truly happen

You’ve nestled into a special place
In my heart
That no one else can reach


❤ Me

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I wrote this short story when I was in third grade on April 24, 1999. I still remember vividly how I shared it with the class, but it was so long that when it came time for recess, I had to stop reading and continue it after we all came back! It’s been years since I’ve read it, and I’m happy to share it with you. I hope you like it!


Medival Dreams (a story similar to Alice in Wonderland)

It all began in 1946. In the state of Tennessee. My pa and I live in a farmhouse on a farm. My ma does not live with us because she died several years ago. She died of a disease that I know nothing of. The last time I saw her she was lying in bed with her eyes closed. Pa did not let me get too close to her. Now pa does not want to let me out of his sight. He says he does not want me to die like ma and if I did he would be lonely. Once after school in the one room schoolhouse I went to my best friend’s house without telling pa. When I got home there were police cars in the dirt driveway. When I went in, my dad rushed to me and said, “Katie, you scared the daylights out of me! Where have you been?”

“Pa, I was at my friend’s house. I’m sorry for not telling you first,” I exclaimed.

“Well sorry is not going to work this time. From now on you are not staying out of my sight I will call school and say that you will be staying home with me and help take care of the farm!” Pa yelled.

That was the first time I heard pa yell. So I stayed home taking care of the animals and gathering the crops. One day I saw a machine throwing seeds all around. They did this for a week. After a month or two I saw some sprouts. There was about 50 million of them. One day the people who controlled the machine came and looked at the sprouts. Pa and I went out to meet them.

“Hello there, my name is Bill, and this is my daughter Katie,” said Pa.

“My name is Bob and this is Paul,” said one man.

“Can you keep a secret, Bill?” asked Paul.

“Sure I can,” said Pa.

“Okay here is the secret. The forest is going to be magical in six more years,” said Bob.

“I will be fourteen,” I said.

“Are you sure you’re not fibbing to us? Because if you are fibbing, then I’ll make sure the police will get you,” exclaimed Pa.

“I also know that it takes people back in time to the place that you wish to go to,” said Bob.


Now I am fourteen years old. The forest is as full grown as it could be. I thought they were taller than the tallest building in America.

Finally pa has loosened up on me a little and lets me go places alone without asking. One day I went near the fores, I saw something that I could not describe. I thought I saw the Queen’s dog running away. So I rushed home and went inside.

“Pa, pa, are you home?” I yelled.

“Yes I am Katie. Is there anything you need?”

“I was wondering if I could go in the woods for the afternoon,” I asked.

“Sure you can, just be careful.” he called.

“I’ll be careful. You can count on me,” I called back.

So I went out the door to the woods. When I went in I gasped. It was the most beautiful place that had ever seen. The leaves felt like silk. When I was in the forest I noticed that the trees looked as if they touched the sky. There was a clearing so I went in. The tops of the branches were in a dome shape. As I watched the branches sway I thought about England. Then I started getting sleepy. After a while I fell asleep. When I woke up I decided to go home. So I got up and went out of the clearing. When I got to the opening of the trees that I went into, I gasped. I was not in Tennessee. I had to so I went out of the forest. I saw a woman so I went up to her.

“Um, excuse me but I was wondering if you could tell me what the place and year is?” I asked.

“I guess I can if you can tell me what your name is first,” said the woman.

“Okay, my name is Katie,” I said.

“You can call me Martha and you are in England in 1603. Oh my! Look at your clothes. Why don’t I give you some clothes to put on to fit in,” said Martha.

“That will be fine with me, as long as I fit in,” I said.

So I went with Martha to her house. She lived in a mansion that seemed to touch the sky.

“I love your mansion, Martha,” I exclaimed.

“I love it too. The Queen of England herself gave it to me,” said Martha.

“Why did she?” I asked.

“She and I were best friends in the one room schoolhouse,” said Martha. “Why don’t you stay at my house.”

“Sure, I will,” I said. I was so excited. When I went inside I found out that the inside was more beautiful than the outside. There were sparkling glass chandeliers that sparkled like diamonds. Then she showed me to my room and it was the most beautiful bedroom I had ever seen.

“Thank you so very much for the bedroom and letting me stay here!” I exclaimed.

“You are very welcome Katie, you also get a maid named Marie and I better get you dressed in proper clothes,” said Martha and she rushed off to get me some English clothes. When I looked in my room I saw a woman working in my room.

“You must be Maria,” I said.

“Right you are miss. I will be your maid and you can just ring a bell and I’ll come,” said Maria. “Is it all right if I call you miss?” she asked.

“You can call me miss and I will try not to work you so hard,” I said.

Then Martha rushed in with a blue dress that shimmered like the sea.

“Try it on Katie,” said Martha.

So I tried it on. It fit me perfectly.

“Now people will know who you are staying with,” exclaimed Martha.

“Why will they know who I am staying with?” I asked.

“Because I am the second richest in the country of England,” said Martha. “By the way, we will be seeing the Queen tomorrow afternoon,” she said.

“Are we really going to see her?” I asked.

“Yes, and I am going to introduce you to her,” Martha said.

“Well now we better get to sleep now. Look in the wardrobe and you will find a nightgown.”

So I went and found a nightgown as green as ivy. And I put it on and went to sleep.

The next day I put on my finest clothes and got ready for the carrige to arrive. When our carrige arrived I was nervous. I kept on asking if my hair looked good and other things. Martha kept saying yes. When we got there I finally calmed down. I could not believe I was going to meet the Queen herself. Everything was going to get boring when Martha motioned me up.

“We are going to meet the Queen now,” said Martha.

So when we got to the Queen I gasped. She was only sixteen! We met the Queen and we talked and talked some more. Then she looked at me and took off a ruby ring surrounded with diamonds that looked like the sun rising.

“I hope you will treasure this forever,” said the Queen.

“I extremely will,” I said speechless.

The next thing I knew we were home. Then I was so tired I fell asleep instantly. The next day I suddenly remembered home and pa. So I went to the woods. I went to the clearing. But I did not fall asleep so I went back. The next day I tried again. It did not work.

“Oh man…” I said.

“…Where has she gone off to?” Pa yelled.

“Here I am!” I yelled.

“Katie where are you, you were gone all afternoon,” he said. “It is time for dinner.”

I looked at my finger and saw the ring.

“Okay dad. I’m coming,” I said smiling.

Forest Princess

❤ Me

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Ocean Dream

(I wrote this short story when I was in middle school, I think. I didn’t date it, so it was written sometime between 2001-2004.)


Lee Mayers opened his eyes partially hoping his parents were asleep in their cozy bed. He pulled back his covers, revealing warm street clothes. Hoping not to wake them up, he quietly raced down the stairs and out the door.

It was late fall in Blackwater Bay, a town off the Atlantic coast of Maine. Biting cold was brushing past him in the dark night. Almost wishing he wasn’t running away right now in the middle of the night, Lee rushed forward to the harbor.

His parents thought they could control his life. Asking permission before doing ANYTHING, having a strict (early!!) bedtime, and no school dances weren’t any rules for a fifteen year old! Ugh! It was like they were treating him like a little kid! Fleeing away seemed like the only way to get away from this.

Finally he spotted his getaway, a small boat that looked like it had seen its better days. Rushing down the dock, he went over to it and slowly lowered himself aboard the boat and rowed out the bay and into the Atlantic. Noticing that this wasn’t as easy as it looked, Lee huffed and puffed and huffed some more. After several minutes of laborious work, he finally stopped. Whew, that was hard work! Stopping to check his watch, it said 2:45am. Gosh, it was early! Oh well, it was better to get an early start. “I should rest for a while, but only for a short time,” he thought out loud. Listening to the quiet of the soft rippling of the many waves, he closed his tired eyes.


A seagull screeched its morning call. The teenage boy rose up stiffly. “Mental note: Ask my mother and father for a more comfortable mattress instead of this one. It’s as hard as a rock! I can’t believe I haven’t…” Lee was saying until he noticed where he was and what was next to the boat.

What looked like a young woman was staring at him with large eyes. Except it (or she) had a greenish tint to her skin. Her hair was light, no dark; it seemed like all the colors there could be were in her hair! With eyes as blue as afternoon skies she seemed to be examining him questioningly. Looking behind her, he saw a fin protruding from the water. She was a mermaid! Some strange thought, like she was speaking telepathically to him, made him realize that she could not speak. Living underwater would probably make it hard to speak anyway. Motioning that he should follow her, she went underwater. When she returned, he noticed gills on the sides of her neck, and he tried to tell her (in some way) that he could not breathe underwater. Looking like she understood, she sunk into the water again. Later returning (yet again), she gave him a jellylike substance. Touching her nose and pointing at the goo, Lee realized that she wanted him to put it on his nose. How weird, but it might help him some way. Again she motioned that he should follow her, so they dived below the waves.

Breathing surprisingly, Lee looked all about him. Wow, he thought. There were bright colors all around him. Thousands of fish of all shapes and sizes floated around as if they were flying in midair. Mermaid (what he is calling her from now on) was smiling at him like he was a child just discovering a new thing, while she was a parent already used to it yet smiling anyway. Suddenly he noticed dolphins swimming beside them. They looked like they were happy to be with each other being a family. That made Lee think. The dolphins also playfully pushed and prodded Mermaid like she was one of them.

As they were coming toward a rock, Lee thought he heard a faint humming noise, or maybe it was his imagination. Now around the rock he noticed many holes in what looked like the side of a wall. Long shapes were darting to and from them. One of those shapes came toward them, and it was a merman! Embracing Mermaid, he saw feelings of love and respect in their eyes, and Lee concluded that he was her father.

Looking around, Lee saw merpeople with peace, harmony, and kindness seeming to radiate off them. Realizing then what he had to do, he tapped her on the shoulder pointing upward like he needed to go home (which is what he had to do). Nodding sadly, Mermaid waved goodbye as he was swimming upward, and he waved back. Next he was rising to the surface…


BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Rising up, Lee looked around at his surroundings. Oh my, he was back in his own comfortable bed! Out the window he saw the sunrise in shades of pink and purple. Thinking for a while, Lee decided that he would talk to his parents about the way he feels and be more respectful to them like the merpeople were to each other. Was this all a dream? “Where is a pen or pencil; I need to write this down if I can remember it all!” he said.



❤ Me

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Seeing Your Face

Seeing your face

And hearing your voice

Causes my heart to race




For eternities after we say goodbye


You fill me

With a happiness

That is indescribable




I can’t get enough of you


You are

What I think of


As I fall asleep

And first

When I wake up


Hold me

Touch me

Caress me

Kiss me

Love me



❤ Me

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