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You pushed me away

Because I took the chance and

Kissed you the first time


You never told me

That you didn’t believe in

Rushing a first kiss


How can I read your

Mind when your body tells me

Something otherwise?


I suppose women

Taking the initiative

Isn’t your style


Someday I’ll find one

That believes in give and take

Between both sexes


Next time make it clear

So as not to confuse girls

With your traditions





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She sits
Frozen and unmoving
Confusion plaguing her mind
What happened?

He played the game better than any man before
Worming his way under her skin
Whispering lies
That caressed her neck with cool shivers
Painting a picture of the most beautiful promises
Luring her under his spell
So that she would surrender all

There were times she was conscious
Conflicted with confusion
Yet choosing to continue

Without warning he tossed her aside
Like garbage he no longer needed
Expecting her to just go away
And drift off into the ocean
As floating litter
No explanations
No answers
Just telling her to get lost

She couldn’t fight it
So she drifted away
Into the ocean
Sinking below the waves
Still unable to believe what had just happened

Angels and friends appeared
Embracing her with love and care
Supporting her and lifting her out of the depths of despair
Returning her to the throne she was destined to rule from
Before the devil spirited her away

She sits
Frozen and unmoving
Confusion plaguing her mind
What happened?



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