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November 7, 1997:


I like the bus. Somtimes it’s noisy, but I think the people on the bus are crazy. Most of the people are nice. The people I don’t like are: Gary and Chris.

(I remember Gary threatened to climb up to my window, cut the glass with a knife and come into my room. I told my parents, and my dad talked to his dad. Apparently, he liked me. That’s a creepy way to express admiration, I’ll tell you that!)

A Boring Day

Today is a very boring day.

The goose would never lay.

When I lost my sock,

It gave me a shock.

Today is a very boring day.

But now it’s a very happy day.

To: Dad

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I love you more than an ice cold brew.

February 6, 1998:

If I were…

If I were president I would make new laws, make sure all the animals are safe, and nobody hurts other people. If I were a whale I would watch for whaleing ships, try not to get myself beached, or watch for nets. If I were a book, I would like it when people read me, and I want people to take care of me. I don’t like it when people rip my pages. If I were a book I would be a chapter book.

February 7, 1998:


When I go to sleep I sometimes hear my Daddy snore. When my grandparents come I stay in JT’s room (like right now). I like sleeping.


When I wake up I see the light of day. My mom sometimes wakes me up or I wake up myself. Sometimes we eat late and sometimes early.

❤ Me

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She had no idea

(I was inspired to write this after reading an article about the Indian woman gang-raped on a bus recently. As a warning before you read it, it gets graphic near the end… My heart breaks for her and every other woman violated all over the world.)

She had no idea what going out tonight would mean

In a country where women are seen

As less than men

And treated as such

She went out with him

A male friend

Nothing particularly out of the ordinary

Just seeing a film at the cinema

She came out smiling and laughing

Glad for the company

Who cares what the movie was about?

She boarded the bus with her friend

Picked out the seat

In the middle

Sat down

And without realizing sealed her fate

She saw the men get on at the next stop

Six men

One of them a minor

Not even a man yet

All glancing at her with sneers

And derision for being there

She didn’t belong

She heard the first one initiate the taunts




She was ashamed

She saw another pull out an iron rod

Where did it come from?

He rose up from his seat

Moving toward her and her friend

Like a beast stalking its prey

She cringed as the rest followed suit

Pulling her friend aside

Beating him into submission

And tossing him away

She cried out in terror

As they dragged her to the back of the bus

And proceeded to violate her

In such monstrous ways that could not be described





All scratching

All beating

All slapping

All biting

All violating

She didn’t see the iron rod being brought forth

Plunging inside her

All the way into her being

Until it dragged out her insides

Dragging out her life’s essence

Dragging out her soul

At least she was mercifully borne away by the angels

Before she could experience that pain

How could the bus driver have allowed this

Going on a joy ride

Looking back in the mirror

Watching the murders

With sick satisfaction?






(Note: I’m not sure if the woman on the right is the actual woman that was raped on the bus. I’ve heard from some that it isn’t her. My heart goes out to all those affected and traumatized by rape. Hopefully more action to prevent a tragedy such as this from happening again can be taken.)



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