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Twelve Lessons of 2012

In honor of it being the last day of the year, I thought I would share a few lessons I’ve experienced and learned throughout 2012.


  1. Getting into an exercise routine is actually fun and something to be excited about! I started up the P90X workout in my family room and survived Phase One! Within the first 5 days I could notice a positive change! It felt good to be making a committed effort to taking better care of my body. I put it on hold near the end of the year and didn’t finish it, but I definitely have the motivation to start it back up again and see where I am after completing Phases Two and Three. It will be exciting!
  2. Life is precious. This year, my brother almost died twice. He was diagnosed with kidney failure around Valentine’s Day and now undergoes dialysis three nights a week for about three and a half hours a sitting to clean his blood. Then in October he had an accident and fractured his jaw in three places and needed facial reconstructive surgery. His jaw had to be wired shut for a while too. Now he is doing a lot better, and his attitude on life has changed for the better. It’s a miracle he’s still standing here today. We have our fights and differences, but I’m definitely glad he’s alive and proud to call him my brother.
  3. If you spend more time crying and heartbroken during a relationship than out of one, then you should leave that situation. I rebounded into another relationship a little too soon after my first (and terrible) break-up with a boyfriend that I had been with for 2.5 years. My second one started nicely. We made our connection first in person rather than online, which was a nice change of pace. I thought he was treating me very well. Until he started to make excuses as to why we couldn’t be together. I was still in college, so I was extremely busy with classes, yet still I wanted to make time to be with him. And then I heard rumors that he was cheating and playing me. He would also lie about a lot of things. I couldn’t be with someone like that. And so ended that relationship after 4 months.
  4. It’s not a good idea to rush into getting into another relationship so soon after ending one. After ending my second, I started one with a guy I had known for a while. He opened my eyes to a lot of new experiences in dining and photography, among other things. I had a nice time with him, and he was a great escape from the stress of my final semester in university. We had a lot of fun together, but there was something missing. And as time passed, it never showed signs of appearing. In finding out his ideas for the future, I realized that we really didn’t share goals or plans. We parted ways as friends after 6 months.
  5. Politics frustrate me to no end. Yes, they are important, and it is good to be informed of what is happening in our country. But don’t get so consumed by them that you forget about humanity and those less fortunate. People can be so selfish sometimes, thinking only of how they personally can benefit from a situation. Or if it inconveniences them for the greater good, they want nothing to do with it. Don’t even get me started on the behavior of the Republican Party this election. Most of the presidential candidates had a screw loose. I think that Republicans should learn that if they make gays, hispanics, blacks, and women angry, they should realize that there is no chance they will win an election. I have no idea where old, white, Christian men got the idea where they think they are the ultimate authority on women’s bodies and rape… They have absolutely NO idea. Don’t try to control women, or you will lose. It’s that simple.
  6. It’s okay to sever ties with people and end friendships if they are a negative influence on you. I am learning to distance myself from the negative people that make themselves known in my life. I’ve cut off contact with several people and even blocked them from my Facebook page. There is no point wasting your time on someone who doesn’t like or appreciate you. If they won’t build you up or support you, then don’t keep them in your life. I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since I’ve stopped trying to please everyone. Not everyone will like me. And when I get vocal about my opinions, there will definitely be people that disagree. That’s life. You shouldn’t compromise who you are as a person in an effort to make other people happy. Don’t change for anyone other than yourself.
  7. Never give up on following your passions. There were times this year when I wondered whether I should pursue a different path other than a writer, musician, actress, model, diplomat, philanthropist, etc. I went through a period where I questioned my degree choice and felt I had to figure out something else to do with my life. But instead I just continued to pursue my passions. After graduation, I posted more frequently on this blog and continued to write. I also started uploading videos more frequently to my YouTube channel. And at this very moment, this blog has over 9,500 views overall! And my YouTube has over 17,000 views! I’m making considerable progress! I’ve also recently joined a group of friends that went to my university, and we’re going to make our own arrangements and write our own music! We have such a great sound! One of these days, the right person will see what I have to offer, and my life will change forever. So I’m going to continue doing what I love and sharing my creations with the world. I refuse to give up!
  8. It is definitely worth it to get a degree in college. All of those years spent slaving away, writing papers, taking exams, practicing in the cramped practice rooms, and learning pay off. This year I graduated magna cum laude from Webster University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. I had to change my French major to a minor, so I could graduate in 4 years because I couldn’t afford to continue longer without financial aid. By the end of my senior year, I was so tired of classes and classwork that I had a senioritis much worse than in high school! But I pulled through and persevered. For now, I’m done with going to school. I won’t go back unless I know that I won’t have to take out more loans. Maybe I will go back someday and pursue psychology or acting. That would be fun.
  9. Don’t take dating seriously. When I became single in August, I decided to date and go out with guys. And so I did. Some were close to my age, and some were much older. Some had a lot of money, and some didn’t. I went out with a few guys and flirted with many online. I even had a month-long dalliance with a French guy who didn’t speak English! We wrote each other letters and would Skype, but then he sent me an obscure message saying he didn’t mean to ignore me but he didn’t think it was going to work between us and he was sorry. Oh well. It was his loss. Then on the weekend of Thanksgiving while out of town, I decided on a whim to join a dating site. I didn’t really need to join one to find someone, but I was curious to see what it would be like. And then my inbox was blown up with messages! Since I joined, I’ve been on dates with at least 10 different guys! Sometimes it felt like I was rushing into something too soon, though. Even though I wasn’t in a relationship, the guys would still try and manipulate and play with my body, mind, and heart. It became exhausting, so I decided I would take a break. Dating is something to be looked at with a sense of humor and fun. I certainly do not give my heart away so easily anymore. Someone special will find me. There is no need for me to actively go out and search for him. And the amazing thing is, I think that may have happened… Someone very special and wonderful found me a few days ago, and we will see what happens.
  10. There is always a reason to stay positive and keep hope that something positive will happen in the future. It is so easy to become depressed and want to sink into a pit of despair, but true strength occurs when you keep pressing forward. I’m determined to see at least one blessing out of everything bad that happens.
  11. No matter what size I am, no matter what I wear, no matter what color my hair is, no matter what I’m doing in my life, and no matter who I’m with, I am a beautiful, amazing, andtalented young woman with the world at my feet. I can do anything I set my mind to achieve.
  12. Life is worth living. There was a time in May right before graduation where I contemplated not continuing on in this world… I’ve gotten to this point a few times before in my life, and it is a very dark place to be. Not a lot of people knew about it, but it happened. And I chose to press forward through the darkness into a better morning. My life means so much more than the setbacks I face. And I will continue to push through with more of a determination to live than ever before. There is so much I am on this earth to accomplish! Giving up is not an option. I will survive and achieve more than I can possibly dream. My life is truly a gift. And I will make sure it’s something to continue to be proud of.



❤ Me

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