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Dark Waters

Swirling dark waters undulate before me

My bare feet sink into the cool, wet grass

Lightly dusted with dew and memories


My toes dig into the blades with slight reluctance

As if wanting to linger on the moments

But my resolve pushes me forward


I reach the edge of the river

Looking into its blackness I see ripples of our past

Fading in and out as scenes and seasons


Slowly I submerge myself in the depths

Sinking, submitting

And as I drink in the waters willingly

You begin to fade away

Until I am falling into blackness

My mind washed away with the waves

Disappearing into…





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This world’s illusions
Hide the desperate need for truth
In our sea of lies


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Mon Cher Ange

Je bénis le jour
Quand nous nous sommes rencontrés
Avec tout de l’espoir de mon cœur

J’ai prié de trouver quelqu’un
Comme toi
Et la nuit en décembre
A changé ma vie
Pour toujours

Je suis trop impatiente
Je veux voler sur mes ailes d’ange
D’être avec toi
Et bientôt je le ferai

Je te choisis
Je veux être avec toi
Je t’embrasse dans mes rêves
J’entends ta voix avec le bonheur
Je te donne mon cœur
Je t’attends
Je t’aime mon cher ange


❤ Moi

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It’s time you know how I really feel


I need to extract all of these feelings

In order to move on from the hurt

The wounds

From the knife that you held

As you stabbed me repeatedly

In my heart, mind, and spirit


I was wary when I started communicating with you

I had been burned by so many men



Dating was losing meaning

I feared that I would no longer know true intimacy


You were patient yet persistent

You said such wonderful words

You painted pretty pictures

You wanted me to get used to seeing the word “love”

And faster than I felt I was ready

You coaxed those three words out of me


I fell hard and fast

Drinking in the sweet nectar of your promises

We spoke of marriage

We spoke of children

I felt love for the second time in my life

It was my fairy tale dream coming true

My hope was restored


And then you betrayed me

You not only changed your mind

But you took back your promises

You lied

You cheated

You manipulated

You used

You took advantage of my sweet soul

You became like all the others before you


I loved you

I really did

I trusted you with my heart

And you replaced me quickly

After I finally found the courage to let you go

Causing me to feel even more worthless


The Universe has me wrapped in its loving embrace

It is showing me that I don’t need you in my life

In fact, I am in an amazing place

My dreams are being realized and fulfilled

I am meeting people entwined in my life path and destiny

I am growing spiritually

I am becoming more of my true self

I am more beautiful


I thought I wouldn’t find anyone as wonderful as you

Well I’ve found several thus far

And all have been better lovers

I don’t need you to get release

Because you’re not even worth my time

I’m not dependent on a relationship to feel complete

I don’t need one


I’m content with being independent

I will choose my friends and partners

If I want intimacy, I will get it

Because I have goals

I have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled

And that fuels me much more powerfully


My heart has hardened

I don’t trust anyone

Love won’t come easily

I now doubt every single act of compassion and love

I fear commitment

I’m afraid for my heart

Because of you


I hope that you’re happy

With whomever you’re with

I hope she can give you what you want

I apparently couldn’t


But you know what?

I’ll be fine

I’m stronger than ever

More powerful

I’m going great places

I’m lightyears beyond you

I’m too good for you


Hopefully this will help bring me peace

You’ve been haunting me far too long

I shouldn’t waste thoughts on you

I never want to see you again

But you’ll see me

You’ll see me on the silver screen

And on the cover of magazines

You’ll hear my voice on the radio

You won’t be able to rid yourself of me

I will be everywhere


But you will be long gone




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For Izzy

For the highest bidder on some online forum (no real money was involved), I said that I would write and dedicate a poem for the person. A girl named Izzy won, and so I asked her to share some information about herself with me. On November 14, 2008, I wrote this poem. I should do something like this again.

Midnight blue spans the skies,

Enwrapping the world in a blanket of stars.

Soft whispers of the wind

Lull all to sleep.

Except for one woman

Who sits motionless,

The ocean laid out at her feet.

Her dark eyes can look into souls.

They see all,

The naivety of those who have not

Known pain and sorrow,

The frailty of those who have not

Truly lived with their whole hearts.

Strength of the earth

Seeps into her body.

Power flowing through her veins,

Making nothing impossible to achieve.

Closing her eyes,

She feels the breeze caress her cheek.

An invisible force wraps itself

Around her in a comforting embrace.

The burdens of her heart are lifted

Replaced with peace.

A shooting star trails across the sky,

Leaving a trace of hope

Solely meant for her.

A smile bursts across her face,

Causing her entire being to glow.

One smile from her can brighten the sky.

She can feel her body lighten,

Leaving behind the weight of the world.

Lifting her face to the heavens,

She rises up among the stars,

Becoming a shining beacon herself.

There she resides,

A light to all who know her,

Source for companionship, hope,

And inspiration.

❤ Me

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On Fire

I’m on fire
Flames licking my skin
Sweat droplets beading on my body
Melting away the pain and brokenness

I’m consumed
Burning up with a fever of passion
Mania and madness
Chaos at every turn

I’m blinded by the brightness
Unable to see what lies before me
All I know is the past
And the present moment

I want to finish dying
So I may rise again from the ashes
Reborn a new woman
More powerful than ever before

I will be a goddess of the flames
Of desire and passion
Of strength and resilience
Of love

I am becoming a new true me
So I will happily burn
Consumed by these flames
Until I can spread my new wings

I’m on fire


❤ Me

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I love you

But I don’t know how much longer I can live with this


Every day vacillates between two polarizations

One day I want to keep you close

The next I want to let you go

One day I want to kiss you

The next I want to push you away

One day I want to laugh happily

The next I want to burst into tears

One day I want to be friends with her

The next I want to scream at you both


This whole situation is fucked up and unfair

I don’t deserve this

My heart doesn’t deserve this

My spirit doesn’t deserve this

I deserve a love better than this


I want a love that’s timeless and infinite

Encompassing me in a nurturing embrace

Nourishing life between us

I want forever

Not simply a season


I love you

But I don’t know how much longer I can live with this





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