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The princess sits restlessly in her tower

Gazing out the window to the kingdom below

Her ankles chained by fear and distrust

How can her heart and mind be safe in that big wide world?


She remembers the past

How painful and imprisoning it was

And still can be

Bound by lack of faith that it could be better


But these chains are in her mind

The only way to unlock them

Is found in her mind as well

How can she find the key?


The princess sits restlessly in her tower

Gazing out the window to the kingdom below

The only way to truly be free

Would be to close her eyes

Surrender herself to the void

Plunging into the depths of her uncertain destiny




❤ Me

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March 14, 1998:


I need to finish giving out girl scout cookies. While we are waiting JT is bugging me and Mom is not going on with our job. Now we are. When we went to Ryan’s house so we could give him his present. And we played with him. Then we gave Gregory’s mom the cookies they ordered. Now we are on our way to Shop n’ Save. It’s open 24 hours. It is pretty busy in Shop n’ Save. There are two kids who keep staring at me. I don’t like it. Now they are looking at my mom. We are on our way to Council Bluffs to see our Aunt, Uncle, and our cousins. We just left for our trip.

D.A.R.E. Essay (Poem)

Here I am writing this poem for my dare officer,

In hopes that one day I will receive an award that I deserve.

I will know when drugs are near,

Of course I won’t be there when they try to come here.

Nicotine is in cigarettes,

It is very harmful to pets.

The crash of two jumbo-jets,

Would be the amount of people dying each day from the effects of cigarettes.

Alcohol is one of the most common drugs,

It seems to pull your brain plugs.

It causes a lot of drunk driving,

A lot of people are striving (for it).

Marijuana alters minds,

If you’re looking for slang names for it they have all different kinds.

If you take this drug it will be hard to think,

It will make your breath stink!

Cocaine is highly addictive,

I can’t find any good adjectives (to describe it).

You have many inhalants in your house,

You better be careful, they could hurt a mouse.

Kids who do drugs think they’re cool,

Drugs are illegal in school.

Always say no,

Even they they offer you dough!

People with low self esteem,

Tend to join the drug team.

People with high self esteem,

Can definitely live through their teens.

Reading this poem will help you know,

Drugs have got to go!

I’m serious about this stuff,

Never take snuff!

Also this poem will help you understand,

Don’t let drugs take command!

I promise never to take drugs,

They won’t pull my plug!

(I won the DARE essay for my class and got to present it at the ceremony. My medal is in my room somewhere. And here I am, 15 years later, still drug free (with the exception of alcohol on some occasions). I’m proud of myself.)

❤ Me

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