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(I have so many journals of when I was younger! I found another one, and this one was when I was 7 1/2 years old!)


The Wind

I like the wind. I like the way it blows in my hair. It feels cold. The more I feel it the more I feel cold. I can feel the wind now.

All About Apples

Apples start out as a seed. I’m going apple picking. There’s all kinds of apples. I like apples.

Franklin the turtle

Once my brother and my mom found a baby turtle. So they picked him out and put him in a box. When I came home from my friend’s house he showed me the turtle. We named him Franklin. He was cute. He was still for awile but after that he walked alot. Then we had to let him go. When I was in bed I was worried about Franklin. It was morning now and I asked my mom if we could look for Franklin again. It was raining. So we went to find him. At first we couldn’t find him but then mom spotted him. So we picked him up and put him in the box again. A couple months later we found out that Nicky the (neighbor’s) dog ate him.

(We later found out that he was a baby alligator snapping turtle! We spotted a bigger one at a little creek near the glen by the woods in my house. This was before they chopped all of the trees down to build a road by my house.)

November 7, 1997:

Today when I came in the classroom everybody was working on their Daily Edit Test. Then we did our spelling test. I’m done with it now and I hope I get everything right! We went for a bathroom break. Then I worked in my reading workbook. I got the Abc order right! Then we sat in a circle on the floor and read the story: A Turkey for Thanksgiving. Then we did a book report on it. After that is was time for lunch. At recess Resha and I played that we were princesses and one day we got lost. And then Resha found our way back. Then the bell rang and we lined up. When we got in we went into Mrs. Hawkins room for a movie. It was called Runaway Ralph. When we came out we went to P.E. When we came back, then we washed our hands. Our teacher told us that there will be a tornado drill, and we can’t go by any windows. After that we finished our oral book reports. Then Mrs. Hawkins class came to our class and watched a play. Then we packed and stacked. After that we lined up. Now we are on the bus. I did get the spelling test right!

❤ Me

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