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She had no idea

(I was inspired to write this after reading an article about the Indian woman gang-raped on a bus recently. As a warning before you read it, it gets graphic near the end… My heart breaks for her and every other woman violated all over the world.)

She had no idea what going out tonight would mean

In a country where women are seen

As less than men

And treated as such

She went out with him

A male friend

Nothing particularly out of the ordinary

Just seeing a film at the cinema

She came out smiling and laughing

Glad for the company

Who cares what the movie was about?

She boarded the bus with her friend

Picked out the seat

In the middle

Sat down

And without realizing sealed her fate

She saw the men get on at the next stop

Six men

One of them a minor

Not even a man yet

All glancing at her with sneers

And derision for being there

She didn’t belong

She heard the first one initiate the taunts




She was ashamed

She saw another pull out an iron rod

Where did it come from?

He rose up from his seat

Moving toward her and her friend

Like a beast stalking its prey

She cringed as the rest followed suit

Pulling her friend aside

Beating him into submission

And tossing him away

She cried out in terror

As they dragged her to the back of the bus

And proceeded to violate her

In such monstrous ways that could not be described





All scratching

All beating

All slapping

All biting

All violating

She didn’t see the iron rod being brought forth

Plunging inside her

All the way into her being

Until it dragged out her insides

Dragging out her life’s essence

Dragging out her soul

At least she was mercifully borne away by the angels

Before she could experience that pain

How could the bus driver have allowed this

Going on a joy ride

Looking back in the mirror

Watching the murders

With sick satisfaction?






(Note: I’m not sure if the woman on the right is the actual woman that was raped on the bus. I’ve heard from some that it isn’t her. My heart goes out to all those affected and traumatized by rape. Hopefully more action to prevent a tragedy such as this from happening again can be taken.)



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I am here to tell you about honesty. Honesty is when you tell the truth. Like for instance if you break a window you should be honest and say that you were the one who broke the window. You can easily lie. George Washington lied and said that he did not chop down the cherry tree. Always try to be honest.

The World Series Championship Sportscast

Hello this is Susan Maki here to tell you about the World Series Championship. The home team is called the Kansas Bobcats and the visitors are the Orlando Homers. So far the Orlando has beat the Kansas Bobcats in six games. Can the Kansas Bobcats win the last game of the World Series? So far in the first inning nobody has scored. In fact they did not start the game yet. Now we are singing a song that starts out “Oh Say Can You See,” or something like that. The first team up to bat are the Kansas Bobcats. The people on the Bobcats team are: Gary, Caitlin, Claudia, Eric, Andrew B., Brittany, Fallon, a different Andrew B., Teri, Jessica, Amanda E., and Tyler. The people on the Orlando Homers team are: Greg, Melanie, Sarah, Krista, Michael, Grandma, Jenna, Amanda G., Timmy, Monica, Cody, and Ryan. The first one up to bat is Gary Allen. And near the stands Fallon Rueger is practicing her batting. The pitcher is Cody Daniel on the Orlando Homers. Cody pitches the ball and Gary hits it! Oh no! Monica Reinhart caught in midair. Gary is out. Fallon is up now. She perfectly ready. With her eye on the ball the pitcher pitches  the ball and Fallon hits it! Wow its the first homerun in the game! Now it is 1-0 the Kansas Bobcats winning so far. Now Andrew Brooks is up the pitcher pitches the ball to Andrew. He hits the ball but Jenna Thomas catches it in midair. He is out. If the Orlando Homers get this next one out they get to be up at bat. Tyler Crowe is up to bat now and like always the pitcher pitches the ball to Tyler. He is out! Now the Homers are up to bat. The first one up is Grandma. She says, “You can not get me Bubba.” Then she starts swinging the bat so crazily that she swung the bat over her head and the bat hit Mr. Cognac/the Umpire in the head and Grandma does a dance. Then everybody forgot about the game and everybody started cracking up!! When we finaly recoverd Amanda G. came up to bat. The pitched the ball and Amanda hit a homerun. Now it is a tie 1-1. Now the bases are loaded. And Jenna comes up to bad. The pitcher pitches his famous curveball and to our surprise Jenna hits it!!! Wow it’s a grand slam!!! Oh my it went out of the park!!!! Looks like the next Big Mac!! Now the teams keep tying and tying until the Homers hit thier last homerun. Now it is 18-17 and the Homers won! And folks Mr. Cognac is all right now. So bye for now and see you next time.

Comparing Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs can be alike in many ways. Both of them can be small. I think when they are little they are cute. They both have fur. They both can play with their owners. All of them have different color fur. Both of them can be found in different parts of the world. I like both of them. Both of them can scratch or bite.

All of them can sleep. They both can get hurt.

(Note from the present: Apparently I didn’t get to writing about how cats and dogs are different… Oh well.)

Whale Habits

I am here to tell you about the habits of whales. Whales live in the ocean. There are different kinds of whales. Whales are mammels. My faveorite kind of whale is an Orca. It weighs 10 tons and is 30 feet long. The Orcas can live in all oceans. Back in the early days men used to hunt whales. Only a tiny bit of people kill whales now. There are two kinds of whales, toothed whales and baleen whales. There are eight kinds of baleen whales. My favorite kind of whale is a toothed whale. I like Whales a lot.

(To be continued…)

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