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If I Were an Immigrant

We are immigrants.

We feel many feelings. I am very sad that there wasn’t enough food where I used to live in India. I feel very mad that there is a war in China. My Mom and I are lonely because my Dad died in Poland. And my mom did not want to live there any more. Now we live in America. We have to work harder in factories where children really shouldn’t work. We want to have our homes back.

Fairy Tales

My favorite fairy tales are Cinderella and The Golden Goose. I like Cinderella because it tells you that even if you are a maid you can have dreams and maybe they will come true. My favorite part of Cinderella is when the shoe fits on her foot and she gets to marry the prince. What The Golden Goose tells you is do not be so greedy that you can get carried away. My favorite part is when all the people stuck to the goose go to ask if a boy could marry a princess. But the king said he would have to build a boat. So the boy built a boat and he got to marry the princess.

Dogs (a poem)

Dogs Dogs all around.

Doing flips and touching the ground.

I like dogs so much,

I have one named Dutch.

Throw a ball for them to catch,

It is sort of like playing fetch.

Teach them tricks to learn,

And teach them how to catch a fern.

If you want one,

Call 333-111.

I have dogs all around,

I have so much I can barely see the ground.

One of the tricks i teach is jumping through fire.

And another is chewing through a thick wire.

My dogs are as smart as they can be,

I love them and they love me.


I like sports because I like to see the players show thier talents that they do best. I know that Mark Mcgwire shows the talent he shows best. I know that Tara Lipinski shows her talent that she does best also. I like to play sports because I would like to get stronger and I learn new things.

(To be continued…)

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