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Desire for love
Slowly fades away into
Longing for friendship.

Who can she so trust
That could repair her sad heart
And bring back her smile?

It will take a sweet
And compassionate dear soul
To make her happy.


❤ Me

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If I was in a Storm Alone

If I was alone at home when there was a violint thunder storm guess what? I would freak out!!!!! Of course I would see lightning. I would also hear thunder. The house would shake and erosion would probably happen.

I know this is rare but trees could be struck by lightning. I might hear hail pounding on the roof. If I could look outside there would be leaves flying all over the place.

But when my mom and dad get home, the storm would be as tame as a kitten. How would they believe my story?

The End

The Weather

Hello I’m the reporter here to tell you the weather. Hurricane Bonnie is getting stronger and stronger. We predict that she will maybe strike all the way to Atlanta, Georgia. We expect that in Texas there will be a tornado in Dallas. Tonight the moon is going to be a quarter moon. The temperature today is only 95 degrees. After the rain yesterday, the dew point is very high. There will be four thunderstorms striking the U.S., in Idaho, Mississippi, Florida, and Nebraska. Tomorrow we will give you the weather report. I’m Jenna Thomas your weather reporter. See you next time.

Cycle Break

I think that I had a fun break. We had to pack for Branson. On our way to Branson we listened to the Beach Boys cd in our car. Suddenly we finally got to Branson. We had to drive in Branson for a little bit. Then we got to our Hotel. we had to unpack all our stuff. Before we got to our Hotel we stopped at a store. It had beanie babies. So we went into the store. It had Princess Bear. It was 25.00 So we decided to buy two of them. When we got to our Hotel we went swimming. After that we got ready to go to a concert called 76 Music Hall. There was a woman named Teri Austin. I also got a picture of her too. This is really fun. We got to walk to the concert. Because it was across from our Hotel. On Saturday we went to a store of collectibles. I decided to get three beanie babies. My dad wanted to get two more Princess Bears. That night we went to the Osmonds.

(Present Day Note: I still have my Princess Diana memorial Beanie Baby. I don’t want to sell it, but apparently we have three more. I still have all of my Beanie Babies! I should get them out and look at them!)

The Crying Baby

Once there was a family called the Adams. Mr. Adams and Mrs. Adams had a problem. They can not get the baby to stop crying. First they tried to burp it so it would stop crying or being sad. But the baby still cried. Second they tried to carry her on their backs. That still did not work. And last they thought of taking more care of the baby. They were right. They had to take her for a walk, feed her more, and they had to play with her more. And by doing those things the Adams had a very healthy baby.

How a Friend Should Act

My name is Jenna. I am here to tell you how a friend should act. And if you want to find a friend you will have to do the steps on how a friend should act.

1. Friends should be nice to eachother and not mean. For example if you want to play something other than what your friend wants to play, say “Why don’t we play want you want to play now and later we can play what I want to play or in other words compromise. Then maybe your friend will say yes.

2. Friends should help eachother when they are hurt. For example pretend that you are walking with your friend. You and your friend do not notice a crack in the sidewalk. Your friend trips on the crack. You should go for help if it is an emergency or if it is not an emergency you can help your friend up. Then that would be a friend.

3. Friends should share with one another. If you were at a friends house and your friend gets something to eat. It would be nice if your friend would share with you. When you share something it makes the other person happy.

4. Friends should let friends have other best friends. If your friend will not let you ave another best friend you do not have a very good friend. Your friend is being bossy.

Well I think I could you how a friend should act so bye for now!

(My Third Grade Journal will be continued…)

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