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Wandering and Wondering

Here I am once again unable to fall asleep at a decent hour… So I will make use of this situation to write a poem after long last. (I had actually written this around 3:15am, but there was a problem with my Internet connection and I was unable to correct before I ended up falling asleep.) It’s really time for me to dust the cobwebs off this blog and get back in the habit of writing regularly. 


The lull of trickling water

Does not satisfy

Her thirst

For rest

Nor does the whisper of the wind

As she lies in her bed of cotton


Instead her mind wanders


Wading through the sea

Of thoughts


Her world is gray

But for sporadic bursts

Of colour

Brought about by

Fleeting moments

Where she can escape




Soon she must


So that she might


And realize that this life

Needs direction

A spark

A dream

A goal




❤ Me

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