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You Are Almost Gone

You are almost gone

And I am thankful


Black ink traveling over the pages

Painting my last memories

Of you and me

On the almost full canvas

That is this part of my life


I have not cried today

But can feel the tears slowly

Well up in my eyes

Weary with memories

As I conjure the ghost of you


Sometimes I wonder

What you may be doing now

If you are well

If you have found someone new

If you think of me

What the thought of me creates in you


But it does not do well

To dwell on the ifs

For they are not certain

And should not bind me

Rendering me powerless to

The present


Soon you will no longer be a ghost

But a distant memory

The embrace

The kiss

The love

Of another

Will replace you

And the tattered shards you left behind


In actuality

It is happening now


You are almost gone

And I am thankful


❤ Me

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