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First Class Blogger Award

After a not-so-happy night’s sleep, I woke up and checked my email inbox as I normally do every morning.

Much to my surprise, I received an email from the First Class Blogger Committee notifying me that my blog has been chosen for the First Class Blogger Award. I’m shocked and amazed by this nomination and am extremely grateful to receive it.


It is an honour that humbles me and makes me so grateful to every one of you readers that visits my page. I take a leap of faith as I pour my heart out and express myself through my poetry to share with you. To read your positive feedback and compliments means the world to me.

We are all connected through in this world of turbulent emotions, and finding someone we can relate to and find friendship with is becoming more and more important in this world where individuality and personal achievement is growing in precedence.

Thank you for finding something in my blog to which you can relate. Thank you for listening as I share my heart and feelings with you.

Thank you for being you.

❤ Jenna

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Private Heaven

Take me to your private heaven

Where we can escape

This world

And its sorrows


Hold me in your strong embrace

Where all the weight from

My soul

Can melt away


Gaze into my eyes

Where you can see

Glimpses of my heart

And my true feelings


Kiss my soft lips

Where you will taste

My devotion to you

And the hopes for our future


Love me

Where it is you and I

Alone in this heaven

Blessed by God


❤ Me

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