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Paris and Helen

This is a collaborative effort between me and my friend A. He loves to write poetry as well, and we had the idea to once again put two halves of our own work together to make one poem.

They let me choose you,
The trinity of Goddesses,
All the powers on this Earth,
Turn into matters of the Heart,

Sure my choice would lead to war,
Yet all the consequences were worth it,
I’d risk the world for you,
I have no doubt you would too,

When I saw the ships I shivered,
Hundreds of men
On Thousands of ships,
Launched to steal you from my heart,

They sent their best to the walls,
To break them down,
To break us up,
I held you in my arms away from my fear,

One champion stood before me,
Leader of the Greeks,
He stood there hopeful
Till I brought him down with my bow,

Your love is pure and true.
A gift not to be glanced over.
A beauty worth dying for.
I know why they want you back.


I am the face that launched a thousand ships

With eyes as deep as the sea

Stormy and turbulent

That many a man has drowned

Sinking into oblivion

I am not fully mortal

My father Zeus

Seducing my bathing mother

In the guise of a swan

And bringing my brother and I

Into this world of woe

I am the ultimate prize

For men to fight for and conquer

Yet here I stand

With my heart guarded

Firm and unyielding

To the covetous greed

Of the appetites of warriors

I am the wife of Menelaus

Bought and paid for

Stifling under his weight

Of ravenous kisses

And rabid lust for dominance

My soul is weary of this

Dreaming of hopeful possibilities

I am the lover ofParis

Who delights in me and my body

Treating me as a treasure

As I truly am

I would follow him to his own land

To escape my prison

And so I have

In doing so started one of the bloodiest wars

In all history

For love

I am Helen

And for following my heart

I must suffer the loss of the hearts

Of all the women who lose their loves

In my name

Am I right in my choice?

~A.T. and Me

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