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The Weariness of Melancholy

I have no idea what to say to you

What to think

As you fall back into the same worrying routine


These games

These words of melancholy grief

Borne from your covetous

Distorted jealousy


You twist words

Into a tangled web of gossip

Like a spider gorging upon thoughts

And spinning from them

A sticky mass of a jumbled trap

That all who encounter

Fall upon

Becoming prey


She does not know me

And with her immature behaviour

Creating a false image of me

Never truly will

If this continues as is


Here you stand

On an island

Separating two warring lands

One loves me

The other hates me

And you

What do you decide?


Will you still care for me?

Be my friend?

After all these years

Still care?


Or will you let jealousy


And unrequited love

Consume you?


Will you continue this cycling game?

I do not want to play it


Thus here I will be

In his arms

Strong and resilient

Unyielding to these jibes

Delighting in his embrace

For love conquers immaturity

And I will stand steadfast with love


Shedding burdens of childish behaviour

If necessary


Please do not keep me in this position

It is not fair

Nor will I tolerate it much longer



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