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The End is Nigh (Part Three)

It’s late Tuesday night, and once again I’m in the Music Basement for my second to last opportunity to work and earn some money before Christmas Break (and a month without income).

I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone by! Sunday was my Christmas Concert, and it went very well! That was my last Christmas Concert involved with my university. Who knows what ensembles I’ll be in the future after I graduate. I sang and looked beautiful, along with everyone else.

Monday morning was my College Algebra exam, and I believe that I did well on it. I completed it in about 30 minutes and felt pretty confident about every single answer I worked! It may be enough to bump my grade up to an A for the semester, which would be so amazing. I struggled with that class but worked my bum off for the second half of the semester, managing to get As (and even one 101%!) on my last two exams before this one!

I’ll go and check to see if my grades have been updated on my account yet…

As of yet, no grade has been updated on my audit, except for my passing Master Class. That’s just a Pass/Fail course though, and I don’t think it has a large impact on my GPA.

Later Monday afternoon I had my very last voice jury ever at my university! Next semester I won’t need to take one due to my performing a recital, which is much more grueling and demanding. Let me tell you… This was my very best jury performance ever! Of course I have room for improvement, but the praise definitely shone forth on everyone’s written feedback. My choir director afterwords came out to congratulate me, and my voice teacher expressed how proud she was of me and all of my hard work that I’ve accomplished. It’s been a rough semester, especially with going through the health issues in the beginning as well as dealing with my break-up from my first serious relationship. I pulled myself together and was able to do my best job yet! I’m really proud of myself. The head of the vocal department wrote in her comments that my performance of “Gretchen am Spinnrade” was her favourite performance I had ever done out of all the years here! That was a major compliment! The only way to move forward from here is up and beyond!

Last night was a crazy study fest with my friend J for our 20th Century Music final exam. They’re always a challenge for me to prepare for, but thanks to studying with someone else other than me by my lonesome, I feel good about it in the aftermath of the exam. This exam was at 8:30am. Extremely early. I had gone to bed after 3am because I was studying and working on the Analytic Essay that was the take-home portion of the final but didn’t finish. So I woke up at 6am and got it all completed in time. My professor gave me an extension on my term paper, thank goodness.

I went back to my apartment and had lunch with my friend and old roommate M. It was a great time catching up with him. Then I hopped into bed and finished reading The Hunger Games. If you like novels about dystopian societies and fighting for ones life, then you could very well enjoy it. I loved it and am interested in seeing the movie whenever it’s released.

Then I think I slept for an hour or so. All I know is that I definitely am not running on enough sleep. C’est la vie d’une étudiante, oui.

All that remains of this semester for me to accomplish is to finish my term paper, finish and revise the draft of my Senior Thesis, and revise my French paper by 5pm on Thursday! Then I’m free until January 2012!

There’s also the small matter of cleaning my room and doing a plethora of laundry too, but that will come eventually.

As for now, it’s time for me to continue studying and attempting to stay sane in these final days.

Hope you’re all well!

❤ Me

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